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New Day, New Surprises

New Day, New Surprises.

New Day, New Surprises

Last night, M and I were talking about sleep and our kids.  Why is it that other people’s kids sleep in till 8am and nap for more than 1.5 hrs?  It seems that we are being punished with their sleep patterns.  Enough said, we thought since V is now 4 months, turning 5 months, she should be able to stay up longer than 2 hrs.  So today is the start of the new sleeping schedule.

V surprised me today by falling asleep in the carseat on the way home and staying asleep for a little over an hour.  That is rare!  Her 1st nap was the usual 30 m in though so I was not banking on anything after that. 

Z, on the other hand, woke up at 4:45 am.  Yikes, I know.  Waking up at 5 or 5:30am is one thing, but 4?  Anyhoo, he went down for his nap around 1pm and is still sleeping.  I am hoping for a 2 hr nap.  He must be exhausted.

Damned Doctor’s Offices

I was supposed to see my endocrinologist today. M even took time off in the afternoon do he could watch the kids at home. On Fri, I called to confirm my appt for Mar. 26 at 9am. I was told I had one today as well and to come in anyway and we’ll see.

I left the house an hour earlier to go shopping for some things. I even found a good parking spot after driving around 2 times in the area, being careful not to park so I could get a ticket. I get to the doctor’s office only to find out that there was no appt for today and that it was cancelled.

Damn, my 4 month old is not happy without me and I drove all the way here so I could what? Drive back? That really irked me. And to top it off, when I got home, I received a phone call that “I left” my health card. The secretary held on to it for no reason. If I wasn’t going to be seen anyway, she should’ve given it back to me.

When I asked her if she remembered me calling and our conversation, she replied, “No. I only know what’s in the book. ” I got so furious then that I just left. Seriously that is no way to treat a patient. She didn’t even apologize for anything. You see, they don’t give you reminder calls and charge you for missed appt if you don’t show. Talk about milking the system.

This is why I hate medical offices. They cram as many patients as they can, make you wait at least 30 min and then see you for, what, 5 min? Ok, how about 8 min? It’s disgusting how it works because where is the care if they are rushing from one patient to the next so they can bill as much as possible?


It’s rare that I dress Z in preppy clothes because he can get pretty messy sometimes. His usual outfit consists of jeans or cargo pants with a long sleeve shirt. Today, I thought he looked so sharp in a dress shirt and vest. Everyone was complimenting him at the school. I made him pose this morning and this was the best face, I thought.

V loves to sit. We give her opportunities to sit whenever she wants to. Just recently she has been trying to get out of the Bumbo by arching her back and pushing her bum up. I have to watch out for her.

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