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Spring Cold

Poor V. She’s so congested. We suspect it’s teething. She woke just after 9pm – which she never does, and was calling out for me. She couldn’t breathe and even gagged while nursing. I think it’s going to be a rough night for her.


Tonight, it was just V, myself and M, as Z was at a playdate. It’s weird how quiet it was without him. After dinner we had some ice cream. V was so happy she was feeding herself and dancing while she was eating.

It was drizzling this morning when we left the house. z insisted in wearing an umbrella. And when we got out of the car in my school parking lot, he wanted to use his umbrella. His outfit matched his umbrella. It was so cute.

Playdate with a friend

Today was a momentous occasion for M and I, and Z. He had a playdate with his friend, Z, and he went home with Z’s mom in her car. Then he stayed there for nearly 3 hours, playing, wrestling and just having fun. He also ate dinner with Z’s family.

When he came home I asked him about his playdate.

Me: So, what did you eat for dinner?
Z: fish sticks.
Me: how many fish sticks did you have?
Z: (he holds up five fingers as he eats his bedtime snack of apple)
Me: what did you have with fish sticks? Fries?
Z: no.
Me: did you have pasta?
Z: no.
Me: did you have rice?
Z: no. But you’re really close.
Me: I’m close? Hmmm…
Z: it’s kind of round.
Me: couscous?
Z: yeah! Couscous with fruits and veggies!

I love my boy.

Wonderland with Kids

Cleaning lady? Or Canada’s Wonderland? Hmmm. I think that was an easy choice. We postponed the cleaning lady service until next Sunday. So here we are – at Wonderland with the G, J and O.

Our first ride was a nice mellow one at Snoopy planet. V liked it. But I think we put her in the race track one too soon because she won’t go any rides anymore since.

She fell asleep in the stroller and slept for 35 min only. So we ended up staying longer than planned just so Z and O could go on more rides. Z was getting so fussy on the way out and was insisting on playing the basketball game.

Less than 10 minutes of getting in the car and he fell asleep. He looks so exhausted. It’s good that he’s sleeping because we have a birthday party to go to for Z and he’d be miserable if he didn’t sleep.

V though is not going to sleep anymore. Oh well.


The fun fair was great fun. Both V and Z took a while to warm up. V wanted to be held most of the time. It wasn’t until almost 6:30pm that she wanted to dance.

We’d fed them prior to going because they never eat pizza. Z got to hang out with his friends.


It’s amazing how quickly V adjusted to idea of going to a home daycare. She is so excited to go there every morning. I’m always thankful we found a great place for her and that she’s happy.

Z had an ice cream date with his best friend, Z. We took them to Menchies and they were just so giddy the whole time. When it was time to leave, it was hard to separate the two of them. Z was ok with going home but his friend had a hard time letting him go. He wanted Z to go home with him. So sweet.

And then tonight, I got an email from Z’s mom which is actually a direct request from him. “I want Z to go to Bialik next year.”. Well, Z is going to Hillcrest next year and they will be separated. But I feel bad denying them the friendship so we are going to try and make efforts to get them to see each other regularly.


Every Wednesday is Show and Share at Z’s school. We chose to put his item in his Spiderman backpack because it was an owl puppet and not pocketable. When V saw his backpack she also wanted one and so I had to quickly think what I could give her. At this point she was already doing her high pitch screaming.

Once she got one she was so happy. We made them pose for the camera.

Nap over

Violet surprise us today by napping in the playpen at Judy and Gary’s. We’d decided to stay longer at their house since the kids were enjoying themselves so much.

Z napped in the basement on a big bed while V napped in the spare room upstairs. I nursed her as usual and as soon as she started to close her eyes, I detached her and put her in the playpen.

She cried out and I waited about 10 minutes. Then it was quiet. She fell asleep on her own. But when she woke up exactly, no one knows as we were all outside. I can only hope she slept for at least 40 minutes.


This morning, I woke up to Violet calling out for me. “Mama…mama…”. Upon entering her room, I was greeted with a cheery,”Hi!”, and it immediately Brightened my day. I was so glad she slept through the night and woke up at 6 – much better than any given morning.

The day is spend with our friends, Gary, Judy and Omi. We walked to theW park and let the kids play. It was a hot hot day.

After that we had a crepe lunch, which was yummy. Smoked salmon, dill, cream cheese, red onions, lemon juice. Yummy! Then it was nap time for the kids. We had about 45 minutes to just sit and relax outside in the shade.






Today, we stayed home after the kids’ nap because we had a rough night with V last night and we also could use that time to garden. The kids hung out on the deck, each armed with an apple device.

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