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(Wow, I can’t believe this is my 100th post for the year. We are 1/3 of the way through already…well, almost.)

The morning was rough for all of us. Z woke up screaming and crying at 5am. He never went back to sleep because he had done #2. V was also up early and neither M nor I got a good night’s sleep either. Breakfast and dinners have been a struggle lately with Z. Couple that with V screaming because she wants to eat our food instead of hers, it makes for a crazy meal time. It is stressful. So I decided not to take the kids to Roywood and stay home instead.


Google is great for finding things. So I found this activity that would engage him for at least half an hour. We had all the supplies at hand and he loved it. Thank goodness he did because V was asleep in the wrap and there was not much I could’ve done to play with him.


This is a warm, happy baby after a wrap nap.


Our little girl is so proud when she gets the chance to stand. I let her hold on to the walker and she was able to stand for a minute on her own. I think shel’ll be an early walker for sure.

Old toys are so much more exciting when they have not been out in a while. It’s like having a new toy! Z was pretending to fix something here.


V loves to drink from a straw sippy cup. I gave her some water and when I took it away from her, she started screaming and complaining. So I switched it to formula (which she never took to in a bottle), and she drank happily, sipping more than she can swallow. She was on sitting on the potty at the time. She only peed though.

I bought Z flip flops with sports balls on them. I made him put them on after his nap but hester complained that the astir between his toes was hard and hurting.

School Lunches

It’s Thursday tomorrow and that means I need to prepare school lunches for both kids.  I used to be the mom who wanted to make all her kids lunches – until my son became so picky that food was coming back untouched. 

Thank goodness for hot lunches at school.  Even though it costs some money, it saves my sanity. Besides, my son’s school has strict dietary rules.  Kosher and Pareve. No meat. No nuts. Just dairy, eggs and fish pretty much. Michael and I have had this talk that it all leads to a carb heavy diet.  What kid can eat eggs and tuna and cheese everyday for lunch?  So it boils down to pasta and pizza really. 

So tonight, I’m making Potatoe Pirogies from scratch.  It’s from the Food Network. I’ve been feeling brave about working with dough lately and I thought, why not?

I’m also home with all three kids tonight as Michael had to deal with the paperwork for the new car switch. We got a Mazda CX-9.  The back seat was just too crowded for all three kids and so the two older ones end up fighting and bickering because they’re in each other’s faces.  Plus the baby likes a quiet car ride. 

Tonight also happens to be the 2nd night Willow sleeps sans swaddle.  Last night she was also sans swaddle but in our bed.  Tonight she’s in her own crib. I’m on my toes the entire time as every time she moves it turns on the monitor and I’m ready to go to her, expecting het to cry. So far, she’s done it twice and not woken herself up. Phew. 

Throughout my making perogies, Willow stirred a total of four times.  And each time, she went back to sleep.   Maybe she will be ok after all. I’m crossing my fingers.

Cooking outdoors 

Cooking and being outdoors are two of my favourite things.  It’s Victoria Day weekend here in Canada And we were so blessed to have such nice weather. When Zander was a lot younger, we would cook out on the deck often, especially as soon as the weather warmed up.  

I needed a break from wearing Willow for her nap so I kept the other two engaged.   They both love to help In the kitchen and use little serrated knives so far no cuts – thank goodness. They have both been in the kitchen since two years of age. I had tested a simple BasicEgg Pasta recipe by Jamie  Oliver before and was happy to use it with the kids. Simple.  1:1 ratio of egg to durum semolina.  1 egg :100g.  Mix, knead, chill and test. 

What else does a pasta dough and a pizza cutter remind kids of?  Play-doh. So when they each learned they had their own dough and could make their own shapes, they we’re super excited. Of course, the pieces were too thick, so I had to re-roll each one. 

I setup our little butane portable stove and a pan and pot.  We were set.While the  doughs  rested, they made lemonade.  They love that! Not just any lemonade, it had to have mint from our garden!  So they picked and weather them.  What kid does not enjoy mashing things?

Enter sugar, mint leaves, strawberries, a rolling pin and a milk bottle. And they loved tasting it and adjusting the recipe.  What fun.

We spent two hours just making lemonade, pasta and eating it.  So much fun. I guess this is my way of having an outdoor kitchen – coz we’ll just never be able to afford it.  

What have you cooked outdoors with your kids? Other than bbq?

Happy long weekend.  


Z found an eye mask and some gloves and had some fun dressing up.

There’s V in the swing again.


The most favourite playground equipment would have to be the swing. Sometimes it’s hard for V to get off it without getting upset.

Even Z loves the big swing.


This was Zs first time fishing. Grampa wanted to fish and Z was all excited as well. He even caught 3 himself.

I just had to post this one. The water droplets are too cool not to be shown.

V was just happy to be on the see-saw type of thing.


(Ok, this is totally a cheat since we all know I haven’t posted to my 365 since June 16 or something like that. So here’s one.)

This is my favourite picture if the summer, by far. V was picking flowers and smelling them, trying to find one that smells good. She decided to let daddy smell, too. She’d say,”Eeww!” And make a funny face after smelling each one.

Christie Pits had a playground paradise for Z. There were so many climbing opportunities for him. He was so excited and played with bArefeet.


I love seeing Z in these silly glasses. He looks completely different with them on. I couldn’t help laughing. This was a loot bag item from the last birthday party.

Blowing bubbles is a very tricky thing. You’ve got to blow just right or it won’t work. V was practicing after I showed her to blow upwards instead.

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