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My Little Foodie

At 6 months, V has a voracious appetite. Don’t get me wrong, she still loves breastmilk but she will eat anything you give her – except for plain cereal. She dislikes bland foods.

Case in point. For lunch, she are about two tbsp of puréed sweet potatoes, almost a whole container of those petit Danone yogurts, and an ice cube of applesauce. I didn’t know when she’d stop.

I love that she eats so well. I hope it continues.

Perpetual Sleep Training

It never seems to end. It’s like lifelong learning – you just don’t stop. I’m talking about sleep training. For those of you who have your 1st child, don’t ever think that once you sleep train them, that’s it. Unless of course your child happens to be in that 3% of good sleepers who just NEVER gave you grief about sleep.

Ask M or I, ever since Z was born, we have NOT slept in – the latest is 7am. Yeah, and it’s usually ONE of us only. We love our kids to death but sleep has always been a challenge with them. Every other area of development, they are more than perfect. In fact, they are such big foodies and funny and have huge personalities – yes, even Violet, who is just 6 months old.

I have a sick confession to make. Ok, ready? I still keep a sleep log for Z, who will be three in August. Yeah, it’s an obsession. He naps once for about 1-1.5 hrs (when he is sick) and sometimes up to 2 hrs. Every nap and wake-up is different. There is no pattern, except that it is random. So I’m always on my toes when it comes to being ready to get them when they wake up.

This winter, both kids have been sick more than their fair share of times. Perhaps it’s because they are exposed to other kids at the school I take them to. Another huge factor is that Z LOVES to pick his nose, even in front of others – I really think he forgets and just gets carried away. You know that feeling…where you almost have it and you just need a few more tries to get it out. So, V has been sleeping in the carseat at night for about a week now, and Z has been waking up at weird times, sometimes for multiple times at night.

Yeah, about Z…he calls out for M after he is out down and when he wakes up in the middle of the night, or at 4am, and M was going because he felt bad that Z was sick and coughing and did not want him to be worse the next day. Then, the other night, M brought in the “black cushion” so he could sleep on the floor in Z’s room. Well, last night was the last straw for both of us. I went to get V at 1:30am and accidentally lifted her car seat and it made a loud thud on the floor and woke Z up. (Damn, these light sleepers, eh?) So M went to him, not once, but FIVE times. And he even lost his patience and yelled at Z to go to sleep.

Well, today, I talked to Z and explained to him that we will not be going to him at all and that he should just go back to sleep, without the screaming. After M put him down, within 2 min, he was up. And I watched him crawl out of his blanket, sit and move his loveys aside, move his sippy cup from the top right corner to the top left corner. That spot is his “screaming” corner. He has figured that it is the closest to the door and we would be able to hear him the best from there. (Smart bugger!) So he screamed, and after 4 minutes, he gave up and grabbed his loveys and laid down on his tummy to sleep. And that was it.

Sleep training him used to be so hard for me. In fact, I had to leave the house the very first time we did it. He was 19 months then. I think we’ll be doing this with V as well, but sooner.

Potty Adventures

After the success in the potty after lunch, I thought it would be a good idea to try again after dinner. After I took off his diaper to change into the night diaper, he announced he needed to poo. I let him sit in the big toilet with the potty seat because he said the little potty hurt his rush. He even pointed out and explained where on the potty it hurts him. So I agreed to get the seat from downstairs.
I gave him a choice of books to read and he picked a Chanukah book. So cute. I checked on him a few minutes later to ask if anything came out and there was. Second time around, he was seriously studying the pictures and still pooing. So I went back to our bed where M and V were reading.
A few minutes later, M sits up and hurries out to the hallway. Z had gotten off the potty himself and was walking towards our room. It was very quiet before that and we should have checked on him. M was surprised to find almost half a roll of toilet paper in the toilet that Z happily and proudly put in. In the end he did poo, but because there was so much paper in there, M couldn’t see anything.

And he worst part of it all is that the toilet couldn’t be flushed because all that paper would have clogged the toilet. M had to fish it all out and squeeze out all the water. Yuck.


Today has been a great day so far – despite the rough start. Last night was rough – I didn’t remember when in fought v into the bed. M was in Z’s room before 5 and stayed there till past 7 am, sleeping on a cushion in the floor.

Salsa Babies started today and I took both kids with me. S has been very easy every time we go. In fact, I bring him into the room, give him some snacks and a drink, a few toys, and he is good for the time being. I always find he will play with play-doh. I bring the accessories so be can get creative. Today, he made. Owing pins with the candle mold and was trying to roll a ball between his palms to make a bowling ball. I had to help him. He was very good on his own and would gently call out for help if he needed it. Everyone always compliments me on how well behaved he is.

After the class, I fed both kids. The nice thing about that location is I can go grocery shopping and buy food, including his lunch. V tried the Heinz packs and liked it. Z ate egg bread and mortadella. I didn’t have. Ago to moisten his read but it was so fresh it was fine without the mayo.

I had the carseat and one of the stroller seat so decided
to play around with the configurations. I cam up with this because it’s perfect in every way. V can see me and S is facing forward, plus they can see each other and Z can play with Vs feet, which she liked.

Before heading home, I stopped by Timothy’s to get a coffee and a treat for Z. He asked for a hot chocolate but I got him biscotti instead, explaining to him that he wouldn’t manage with it in the carseat without my help. He happily took it. On the way home, I asked him if i could eat the rest and he said,”No. You have coffee.”. I explained that it’s not the same as the chocolate cookie and he replied,”your coffee is your chocolate.”. What a clever boy!

After unloading the kids and groceries, I gave Z his gummy vitamins and we went upstairs. I had V in her crib playing while I got Z ready for his nap. Of course, after he took off his diaper he announced that he needed to poo. This is a great opportunity for potty training so I grabbed him an I Spy book and placed it on the stool in the bathroom and plonked him on the orange potty to do his thing.

He was too excited to stay seated that every time he dropped a load, he’d get up and tell me that he pooed again. The cleanup after was significantly easier. It took 2 wipes instead of the usual 7-8. I’m glad he did it. Now I hope he’ll sleep long for his nap. V is beside me in our bed napping and jm going to as well. I’ve got a headache and am exhausted.

Little White Riding Hood

I love this face. Look at those eyes.


This is my little rockstar. While at Roywood, I found a pair of pink sunglasses in the pretend play section. V was so good about keeping them on and she lived seeing herself in the mirror. Even Z wore them and looked in the mirror with them!

Sometimes, a lot of things happen around naptime, especially when both kids go around the same time. I was busy putting on the crib bumper and V was playing with the aquarium crib toy when Z asked to go in the crib with V. Unfortunately he had pooed so I had to change him first – which explains why he is in just a diaper. He laid down and wanted her, too, so I did. He even gave her kisses and blew raspberries on her belly and she loved it!


When Z was little, I used to love to sew him clothes. I found that there was not a whole lot of exciting clothes for boys. This kimono pj set was big on him at the time I made it. He was probably 15 months old or so. Now, it fits him perfectly and he looks great in it. He was also wearing one of the pairs of fabric shoes I’ve made.

V loves the mirror. In fact, each time I walk by the bathroom, even before I turn on the lights, she kicks her legs in excitement. She knows what she’s going to see. This afternoon, while Z was napping, I let her play on the bathroom counter where she can see her reflection. I caught her slowly moving in closer to see herself in the mirror and then smiling. I also videotaped her. It was just adorable.

Stumped by Solids

V has been eating solids for the last week or so. I tried giving baby cereal but she doesn’t enjoy the blandness. So I made rice and veggies with meatball porridge and blended it up. She loves it! I also started making her homemade puréed fruits as well. I noticed lately that she has been having difficulty passing stool. Lots of grunting and screaming, almost out of frustration.
This morning, she made a ton of noises while playing and only passed a little bit of stool. The rest of the day was a lot more grunting and screaming, especially when she was sitting and playing. She’s also been highly distracted during nursing; if there is anyone around or any other stimuli, he nurses for a short period, like 2 min, often going on and off. So after dinner I took her up to her room and she nursed much better. Then we spent about 10 minutes waiting for her to poo, and she finally did. Hallelujah!
But now, she is gassy and has woken up screaming at least 4 times and we’ve now gone to her a3 times, myself 2x to feed her. Seems she wants to pass some gas. So I put her on her tummy after nursing her. At first, she lifted her head but I patted her bum and she lowered her head down and fell back asleep. I had to go and turn her onto her back bec M was worried it might not be. Good idea. I thought she might sleep better. But I’m going to have to give her more tummy time during the day to let her learn to roll over back and forth on her own. She woke up minutes father I put her on her back so M is with her now.


M loves to play rough with the kids. He had Z on the exercise ball first but V was soon eyeing them and wanting to go on as well. They had so much fun giggling while bouncing on the ball with daddy.

V’s first taste of watermelon. She lived it so much she took a bite out of the next piece M gave her and she choked. Luckily she spat it out.

Separation Anxiety

Tonight I was able to go to the gym earlier – 7pm. V went to sleep for the night at 6:30pm and Z has been wanting M for bedtime recently. What a breakthrough from before.
So I drove off to the gym, not feeling upto working out while I’m driving. It’s Monday and it’s back to the cold weather. We all know too well what happens during the wintertime, we hibernate.
I finished my strength training circuit and start my cardio. In the meantime I keep in touch with M on BBM just in case. I find out V cried shortly after I left Nd M had to go back and forth between the kids. But all is well. As I’m driving home, M tells me he doesn’t know what to do with V
She’s up screaming and crying I rush home, change and go to her room where M is holding her in the rocker. As soon as she hears my voice her eyes opens and shes glad I’m home I lie her down in my arms to nurse her and she looks up at me, reaching out to touch me as if to say, “hi mommy. I’m happy you’re here. ”
All is well and she is fast asleep in my arms. She missed me.

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