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Z has been on the iPad/touch a little too much lately. I feel to blame because sometimes when it’s just the 3 of us, I can’t always play with him. This morning I had to put V down and M had to take a shower so we let him go on our bed with the iPad.
As I came out of V’s room to check on Z, I found Z sitting with the iPad. I couldn’t help but take photos of him and his brand new kickers – a pair of Converse lookalikes from H&M. They are so cute on him.

V has been practising sitting up a lot lately. She was so happy to be sitting here, proudly showing off her hat and smile.

Not Right Now

“Not right now, Zander.”. Those words seem to be used a lot by me. When we are walking to the school, Z likes to ask a lot of questions. I try to answer them as much as possible but sometimes, I hear, “hmmm?” as a response and have to often repeat myself more than twice. At that point, I tell him to wait till we get inside because it’s hard for me to hear him.
This morning, V was crying as I put her in the carseat. She continued crying all the way. And of course, Z being Z, he had questions to ask. I couldn’t talk to him over her crying do I had to tell him, “Not right now. V is crying and I can’t hear you. You need to wait till she is quiet. “.
The moment she stopped crying, Z asked, “V not crying anymore? We can talk now?”

I feel bad sometimes. Poor kid just wants to have a conversation with his mommy.


Ever since M went back to work, Z has been all about mommy. No kidding, morning, noon and night. When he wakes up, he expects me to come get him. If daddy comes, he cries and asks for me. This morning, M was going to change his diaper and he threw a tantrum because he wanted me.
The day time is just the 3 of us. He is clingy even when we go to Roywood School. If I leave his sight, he starts panicking and looking around for me, calling out with increasing levels of anxiety. I have to take him with me to the bathroom when I go.
At night, I’m the one to bathe, change, dress and read to him. He might read a book with M, but that’s about it. It’s me, and only me, who puts him to bed. I don’t recall the last time when he genuinely wanted M to put him to bed.
I wonder how long this will last for?


Lying down on the carpet, V looked at me sweetly and smiled. I could not resist snapping lots of photos of her.

Z is such an avid techie and quick to learn as well. He knows how to use the mouse pad on the Blackberry Bold and the laptop. When he learns to spell, he will be doing his own YouTube and Google searches soon. Watch out, mommy and daddy.

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