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Covid-19 and the 5 of us

What can I really say about what is happening around us?  I am looking around and seeing the world changing.  Better?  Worse?  No clue.  All I know is that I have to make the best of it for our 3 kids and make sure they are enjoying themselves during these tough times.

All of you already know the details to what is happening in the real world and that the number of cases continues to increase and that schools are closed, playgrounds are off-limits, events are cancelled and we are going to have a one family Passover seder.

What are we doing to ride out this virus? We keep calm and craft, cook, bake, play, laugh and love.  We are going repost all the things we are doing on our social media here so that we can share with all of you.  Some might already be following us and know what we are up to.

Message us, email, find and follow.  We are here to help if we can.  Even though we are separated, it doesn’t mean we can’t connect.

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