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Preparing for Passover Seder #2

Here we go again. Round 2 for Passover. There are 8 days, after all. So why not enjoy it?

The 1st night was hectic – as it always is. Food was great though. The spread was extensive. From matzo ball soup to gefilte fish, to cauliflower gratin to the amazing brisket!!!

Let’s talk brisket for a moment. I’ll admit, it is very hard to find a good piece of brisket any time in the year – especially if you just shop at the regular grocery stores ( that don’t carry kosher products).

I walked into Nortown Foods last week to hunt for egg matzah since the Metro at Bayview/York Mills didn’t have it. And there, in the fridge section, were these glorious slabs of brisket, already pickled, just waiting to be cooked.

I splurged. I don’t normally shop at Nortown but I must admit that it was WORTH every penny!!! Today is the 2nd day after the dinner and the 5 lb brisket is all gone. Not much else to say, but yum!!!!

So on Friday, we are having friends over and we have planned to have duck and pre rib roast. Stay tuned.

Dropping Naps

Ok, I know that most kids drop their only nap by age three. Yes, some even earlier – like age 2. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been happy about Z napping – unlike most or all of his classmates at school. He benefits from it and he needs it.

So, from this past few days, we’ve been noticing that he fights nap time. Sometimes it takes him a long time to settle but he will eventually just fall asleep from exhaustion. See, he’s not one of those kids that will just crash when he’s tired. He gets silly and wired, which is challenging.

So, at 3 yrs and 7 months, I think it’s fair to say that he has outgrown napping. But M and I think we will still insist but not force him to take one. At school, they have rest time and he does sleep. I hope he does when he needs it.

As for V, we have been toying with her nap schedule as well. It has been about 2 weeks since we tried switching her to one nap. At home she does sleep for about 1.5-2 hrs. In the car, she will sleep if Z is sleeping. Otherwise, she will stay up with him.

Needless to say, her nap time is now around 10:30 am. I just hope she will sleep for a minimum of 2 hrs. I guess it does make going out easier.

Missed Nap

So here’s the thing…V is in the middle of transitioning to one nap. Some days she does one and some days, two. It all depends on when she woke up.

This morning, while driving to woodbine and steeles, she fell asleep. That was 10:30. M had to walk her in the stroller and I took over for 15 minutes. She slept for a little over an hour.

For the afternoon, I tried napping her but she simply resisted. She was not tired at all and I had been wanting to clean the inside of the car for a while. I took her out around 3, I think.

Armed with our dyson vacuum and a pack of Kirkland wipes, I was on a mission to get the car cleaned. First task was take put the mats and vacuum underneath. It was filthy. Blech!!! Well, that was easy.

In the meantime, heres whats beeb happening while I was doing this, V was ejecting all the CDs out of the player. She also managed to move the time an hour ahead AND turn on the hazard lights. She also found a travel size dental floss and unravelled the whole thing. Thank goodness it was only a travel-sized one!!!

Once I got around to cleaning the interior with wipes, I also gave V a wipe and she set off to clean the dashboard and seat on the passenger side. She happily helped me clean and I got the car interior vacuumed and cleaned as planned.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t checking the time and didn’t realize that it was already 3:50pm by the time I finished. Alyssa’s party was at 4pm in the west side of the city so we hurried ourselves and got there half an hour late.

Z still had a blast. He got to jump around and use the double rings and loved it!

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