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Keeping Kids happy While Travelling in Florence

I don’t know about you, but im always on the lookout for playgrounds and kid-friendly spaces wherever we go. Why? Because the kids should also have some fun. With an attention span and a patience level close to 1, its always a good idea to have something else planned.

Currently we are in Florence, italy and we’ve had some luck finding playgrounds (3 so far) and have been happy with them. The kids love them and are so happy to play together. But honestly, they miss their toys, too. And we have not brought any, in fact. Just a small box of lego, a couple of cars and lots of markers and colouring books.

So instead if running out to the next closest toy store, why not visit a playcenter and see what the kids would be interested in. So in my search for other kid-friendly places, I found a few sites recommended by some American expats in florence.

Ranging from ludotecas ( play spaces) to suggestions for less popular/artsy museums, I’m excited to share them with others. This is specifically for Florence.

Here goes:

firenze moms

florence for Free
Mike and Paigeys

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