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Staying in the Crib

Last night was night 2 for V. She woke up around 11:40pm a d was back down 4 minutes later. Still working on the morning wakeup times. It’s before 6 usually but I think she can be negotiated to stay in her crib until 6:30 am. I’ll work on it.

Status Update

Admittedly, it’s been a while since I last posted. School has been so hectic and night times are just a mess. V start out in her crib and then, by as early as 9:30pm, she’d be up crying and calling out. Not wanting to hear her scream and stay up for a long time, I would just go to her, scoop her up and ring her to bed. That usually also meant I’d be in bed by that time – though I don’t always end up falling asleep the same time as her.

Tonight, before I turned the lights off to start the routine, I talked to her about staying in her crib. She’s almost 25 months and she understands a whole lot more than she can say, although she is starting to talk way more now.

(At dinner tonight, she reached for my chopsticks just befor I intervened. Then she turned to M and said, “Poke eye!” We were surprised. Where did she learn this? Just like her “Go away!” statement.)

Anyhow, I basically told her that if she stayed in her crib all night that I would give her a surprise tomorrow morning. She understood. Just to make it even more clear, I asked her what she should do if she does wake up. And she said, “Back sleep!” So clearly, she understood what I was trying to get at.

Just before our conversation, she was playing on the floor with some toys and I thought she was just buying time. In fact, she had pood. Then she was so excited when she found 2 trucks so I told her she could keep them in her crib so she could play with them when she woke in the morning.

Her first wakeup tonight was at 11:40pm. She sat up and stayed quiet for almost 5 minutes. I guess she must’ve been assessing the situation, wondering whether she should call for me or not. She eventually started. And this is how it went.


I’m not kidding.

After about 25 minutes or so, she sat down. And she discovered one of the trucks. She then felt around in the crib for the other one. She held them for a few minutes and then laid back to sleep.

I think I will close my eyes now.

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