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Status Update

Admittedly, it’s been a while since I last posted. School has been so hectic and night times are just a mess. V start out in her crib and then, by as early as 9:30pm, she’d be up crying and calling out. Not wanting to hear her scream and stay up for a long time, I would just go to her, scoop her up and ring her to bed. That usually also meant I’d be in bed by that time – though I don’t always end up falling asleep the same time as her.

Tonight, before I turned the lights off to start the routine, I talked to her about staying in her crib. She’s almost 25 months and she understands a whole lot more than she can say, although she is starting to talk way more now.

(At dinner tonight, she reached for my chopsticks just befor I intervened. Then she turned to M and said, “Poke eye!” We were surprised. Where did she learn this? Just like her “Go away!” statement.)

Anyhow, I basically told her that if she stayed in her crib all night that I would give her a surprise tomorrow morning. She understood. Just to make it even more clear, I asked her what she should do if she does wake up. And she said, “Back sleep!” So clearly, she understood what I was trying to get at.

Just before our conversation, she was playing on the floor with some toys and I thought she was just buying time. In fact, she had pood. Then she was so excited when she found 2 trucks so I told her she could keep them in her crib so she could play with them when she woke in the morning.

Her first wakeup tonight was at 11:40pm. She sat up and stayed quiet for almost 5 minutes. I guess she must’ve been assessing the situation, wondering whether she should call for me or not. She eventually started. And this is how it went.


I’m not kidding.

After about 25 minutes or so, she sat down. And she discovered one of the trucks. She then felt around in the crib for the other one. She held them for a few minutes and then laid back to sleep.

I think I will close my eyes now.

Light at the end of the Tunnel

It is Friday – the end of week 2 of school. Here are some highlights.

1. V has been successfully sleep trained (as of tonight, and it is only Day 2).
2. V has been using the potty at daycare (self-initiated). Hooray!
3. Both kids are still asleep and its just 7am – AND I’m showered!!!! Yippee.
4. Z has been going to bed by 8:15 pm every night.
5. We’ve reduced device time drastically during the week. He’s back to playing with his toys and only watching The Octonauts after dinner.
6. I like my home room kids. I had fun with them durin Frosh Frolic yesterday.

Looking forward to a nice cool weekend.

Reclaiming Sleep

Ok, I must admit, I decided to sleep train V sooner than later.

M happened to be in her room looking at her crib and realized that her bed was a convertible one. This got me excited as we now don’t need to buy her a new bed. We also adjusted the crib platform so it’s lower, for safety. Of course we had to try her mattress out to see what it was like. Both v and Z wanted to go in to test it out.

By the time we were done, I made a decision to sleep her in her crib starting tonight. In essence, we sleep trained her. I left to get gas for the car and went to shoppers to grab a few things. By the time I came home, V was asleep. It took her under 40 minutes.

A 10:30pm, she woke up again, crying. It was unbearable but I knew if I went to her, I’d just be undoing what I’d started. This time, it took her 20 minutes. I was able to do some school work.

I’m glad. We have 2 curriculum nights coming up so it is important we did this.

Back to School Madness

Ever since school started for Zander as well, I’ve been feeling more stressed. Mornings are a huge rush and I’ve been late to school both days already. We’ve been getting out of the house after 8am, and by the time I drop off M and V, then Z at his school, I get back to my school around 8:45-50 am. This leaves me with no time at all to get anything done.

At night, my time is unpredictable because I don’t know when V will wake. She’s cosleeping and I haven’t had the heart to sleep train her as we’re waiting for her teeth to come in. I know I’m going to have to soon since we have curriculum night coming up in less than 2 weeks. Thinking about it stresses me our even more.

As I lie here nursing her back to sleep, I’m feeling exhausted. I had just left her room to go downstairs around 9:10pm, and no more than 10 minutes ago did I have to come back up
Because she woke up crying. Not sure what’s happening with her but I’m pretty much up here, unable to do any school work.

Wait, daycare told me V was doing potty training today and used the potty three times. Maybe that’s why. In any case, I’m very happy she’s taking an interest in it.

(My left eye is hurting and I can’t see clearly since I fell asleep with my contacts on. I need to shower but don’t want to shower my sleepiness off so am going to have to do it early tomorrow instead.)

Time to Sleep Train Again

Work is starting soon and I’m thinking of sleep training v once again. Saturday would be a good day to start since it will give us three days to fix her sleep at least.

Tonight has been going a little rough – considering that I started the bedtime routine around 7:20 and she is still awake. It’s been difficult – I’m forced to be in bed with her even before 9pm and can’t get things done. Although I have to say the additional sleep hours is not something to complain about.

V has been clingy and extra sensitive lately, often wanting only me and nothing to do with M. She cries and flails herself when M tries to hold her or pick her up. It’s sad. I’m not sure how to change it.

Right now, she’s in her crib crying and shouting for me. I’ve put her back since she’s been awake too long and has gotten her second wind and started to play in our bed. I hate hearing her cry and upset but she needs to know that it’s time to sleep. I’m hoping she’ll go to sleep soon. It’s minutes to 9pm. Late.


Btw, we went back to sleep training V again. It has been 3 nights. She’s doing well – almost back to normal. She just wakes up before 6pm. Other than that, she goes back to sleep after crying for a few minutes.

Sleep training update

Since the first night of ST, I must say there has been progress. The last few nights have been pretty quiet, with crying happening mostly in the morning after 3 am. Although I have to admit that Vs naps aren’t that great.

Starting from last Friday, she had no nap at all. Sat her nap was short and it was a battle to get down in the crib, unlike night time. Today was also short. I had to walk her in the stroller for a while before she fell asleep. Even then, it was only 45 minutes long.

Im worried that she’s trying to drop her nap. I hope not as Z still naps. This is the 2nd week if ST for her.

3rd Night

Last night, M and I got to go on a date. We went to Tea For Two up in Markham. It was nice to just sit, snack, surf and share. Then when we got home, M convinced me to go for a short walk around our street. It was nice.

As for Vs sleep, she woke up the first time around 9 but went back to sleep on her own. 11:30 was her second wake up and I went to her, thinking that she needs to nurse at this time. Well, it turned out to be a bad idea because she woke up almost every 1.5-2 hrs after that. And then she refused to go back in her crib at 5:30am and just cried until M got her.

I was exhausted today.

Sleep training night 2

Here’s what’s happened so far for tonight.

7:15pm fell aslee

9:12pm woke up

9:30pm fell asleep

11:02pm woke up

11:10pm fell asleep

11:34pm woke up

11:40pm nursed

11:45 back in bed and protested for 3 min; laid still and fell asleep at…

11:50pm. Time for ME to sleep now.

3:15am woke up

3:30 nursed and changed her (diaper leaked)

3:49am back in crib (quiet as Iaid her down. Gave her the pep talk and she was ok.)

3:55am fell asleep. (Yes. I can squeeze in another 2 hrs at least. My eyes are burning as I type this but I’m happy and proud that my baby girl stayed in her crib all night!)

All in a Night’s Work

Z has started showing interest in playing board games. Our collection is slowly growing. First we started with Candyland, which he loves. Today while at Chapters, I came across Shopping Cart Dash.

Earlier on today, we tried playing a game. With V around, it’s sort of impossible as all she wanted to do was put the coins in the slot, therefore spilling all the food cards out. So I offered Z a round after V goes to sleep and he happily agrees. So after playing a round with M and Z, I encourage him to choose 2 books to read. (He was wanting to play Candyland and I had to dissuade him.)

He climbed up on the couch to have a closer look at the bookshelf. Wicked Plants. That was one of the books he chose. No, it’s not a kid’s book. I bought it for M and I. Before we had kids, we used to read more books and I really enjoyed reading aloud to M. He also enjoyed listening to me read. It all started when we used to take road trips (this was before I got my drivers license – I know, late bloomer.). He would drive and I would read (after which, I would doze off. Lol). Then I would also read to him in bed, which would also put him to sleep.

I think the part of the reason why he is so drawn to the book is because of all the strange and weird things in it. He would always ask about what certain words meant. Tonight, he asked me what the word “inspired” meant. He listens so intently when I explain things to him I love it. So inquisitive. He used to look for the pages that had illustrations of people getting afflicted with withe other the poison or the thorns form the plants. He would study the diagram as and ask us to tell him what was happening to the man.

Tonight, he was happy with with just listening to me read even without the pictures. I love times like this. He was so calm and quiet.

As for V, we sleep trained her for her bedtime. This is the second night and she woke up 2 hrs after falling asleep. We were fighting to not go to her. I watched her the entire time she was awake. She started quiet and slowly got frustrated and cried out. She couldn’t find her bear and would get up each time to call put to me and M. Then she’d say, “Bebe”, meaning her bear. After 15 minutes or so, she went back to sleep. She did try to call out 3 times to see if anyone come. When we didn’t she just gave up.

I’m hoping she will be trained by the end of this week. I’m not sure how long she will last all night in her crib. But you know what this means for us? Date nights. Yes, that would be nice.

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