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This is the very 1st time we are taking our kids TOTing. We parked our car on Laurentide and visited 10 houses because that’s all we can do for our time. It was so cute to see Z and V standing in anticipation, holding their candy bucket and waiting for the door to open. I’m so glad we did!

A Pleasant Surprise

Ok, I’ll admit, it has been a while since I’ve posted a Daily thoughts post. Today is a very special day.

It started with our nanny phoning in to tell us that she’s not coming into work due to the ‘severe weather’. Hurricane Sandy’s presence was felt starting yesterday. Winds picked up last night, and all over the news, bad things were happening around parts of the US.

Naturally, we were on the watch for any school closures, including our own. Hillcrest is closed due to power outtage. No other school seems to be closed other than that and Crestview. We start getting ready eventually around 7:10am. Both kids were up early – V, at 5:30am, and Z at same time, too, due to a diaper leak. He went back to sleep after M change him and tucked him back in. He must have slept for about an extra 20 min or so.

We got downstairs around 7:25 am and I start breakfast while the kids play. Minutes later, our nanny arrives and I’m relieved. Over the course of breakfast, the atmosphere
seemed relaxed – both kids are eating happily. In fact I was enjoying the breakfast together so much I wasn’t looking forward to getting to work. I was also not worried about the time I’d get to work.

Finally, in the car, at 8:15am, I drop M off to his school. Then I drive to mine. I had the music on loud and I was feeling great. I also did my hair, too, which is a rare thing. Then as I pull up to the school lot entrance I notice the emptiness at the front of the school. I turn to pool at our school notice board and it read, “No Power. School closed.”

I wanted to jump for joy and drive straight home to surprise the kids but I called M instead. On my way out I spot a few kids heading to school and I rolled down my window to share with them the good news. That felt good. M suggested that I go get the winter tires on and get an oil change.

So here I am sitting Toronto Mazda, blogging. I also went to No Frills to get groceries since I had 30 minutes. I also brought my school work so I can get marking and report cards done. I plan to go to scholastic and Dearborn, if time permits.

All in all, I’m VERY satisfied with this day so far…


Eversince I’ve gone back to work, things have been so much more hectic. The time between arriving home and getting dinner on the table is filled with a number if things to do – nursing V, spending time with the kids, and planning dinner. In the course of rushing to get food on the table I burned my left hand. I forgot that the pan was in the oven on broil at 500 degrees F.

It was painful and the only way it felt good was for it to be on ice. I couldn’t do a whole lot with that hand. So after dinner I asked Z to give me a hand. Little things like bringing stuff to the kitchen counter and picking up things on the floor. I also asked if he’d like to help wipe down the table. And he did.

I felt better that I was able to get him to be more
Productive and stay away from trouble because he had already gotten 2 timeouts for pushing his sister. I’m sure he is exhausted from the day.


Who doesn’t love baking? The warmth from the oven, coupled with the smell of the cookies baking. I used to be terrible at it but I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of it. Z gets so excited about it. In fact I need said anything to him about it all morning and was thinking of it. I’ve allowed him to be the official operator of the kitchen aid mixer stand. I figured it was the safest and least messy.

Weekend afternoons are usually time for me to step out or catch up on schoolwork. Today, I had a lot to do before I finally sat down to work on reports. About less than 10 min into bubbling, V woke up. And that was the end of my work time – she wanted to come to me and when she was on my lap at the table, she was scribbling on everything and pounding on my laptop.


Saturday mornings are a great time for me to spend with Z while M naps V. So we did a few things around the house like decorating the bathroom mirror with Halloween decals, made some Pom Pom spiders, and drank tea, while listening to the rain and snuggling with big bear. It was a nice relaxing time for us. I loved it. Poor guy, he’s got a cough and is not feeling all too well. Hope he feels better soon.

As for V, she saw some purple balloons at Longo’s and wanted them. An employee offered the non-floating ones as they were switching them for some fresh ones and we took them. But V knew what she wanted – the helium-filled ones, because they float in the air. And she pointed to them, too! Dinner was not great because both kids didnt have much of an appetite so inlet them have yogurt. Well, little miss V here, always insists in feeding herself and that’s what Halle s when she does. Then came the bath. The crazy hair and her screaming because she didn’t want to stay still for a picture.


There are time when Z is really sweet with V. He wanted to feed her raspberries with a fork since V is learning to feed herself with a fork. She loves it when Z is sweet to her. V was so happy.


Z has been wanting a spiderman costume for a while now – ever since he discovered how cool spidey is. So I took him to DOT Patio on Leslie to check some out. This one is awesome and he looked so cool in it. He was so happy and proud once he had the costume on. We got to try it on before we bought it.

For dinner we had tofu, miso soup, rice and kimchi. I lined up cubed pieces of tofu for V on her tray and when she saw it she was so impressed with it. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing and kept looking up to see our expressions.


I love this photo because it looks like V is on stage performing.

I found an as for Moomoo bars and bought a box to try. It turns out that Z loves them! I also tried explaining to him that I’d rather him eat things like ice cream than candies because candies are all sugar but ice cream has dairy at least.


Bubble Bath Time

Tonight, after dinner, we read some books.  One of them was “Where Is Baby’s Belly Button?”.  While we were reading, Z saw the page with a baby in the bubble bath and he wanted to also take a bubble bath.  So he got one!  He was enjoying playing with the bubbles and it has been a while since he last had one.  It was so nice to just watch him.


Today, Z went on a field trip to a farm. M met them there and joined them for the afternoon, which meant that they missed rest time at school. I suspected that Z would be exhausted on the ride home and he fell asleep. Poor boy – so tired. I’m glad he napped though.

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