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Potty Trained

Our little girl is officially potty trained during day time. All thanks to daycare, for two weeks now, she has been wearing underwear and using the toilet for pee and poo (at home). V has been so good with letting us know. I even take her when we are out in public and she will insist on using the toilet.

The poo just started last week. She was always hesitant to sit on the toilet and would usually prefer to poo in her diaper or pull up. But this week, she lets us know and just helps herself with the potty. She’s amazing about it.

Our use of diapers and pull-ups have reduced drastically since they’re only for nap times and evenings.

Now, there’s only one thing left to do – wean her and she’ll be a big girl all the wAy. But she doesn’t seem to be ready yet.

That’s a working progress as we’re planning to paint her room purple in hopes of enticing her to sleep in her own room. The paint can is already purchased. A princess room.

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