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Being a girl, I guess it’s expected that you will eventually get a doll and a stroller for a gift. Yesterday, V got a cabbage patch doll and a dolly stroller for her birthday. As a baby gift, she also got a coralline doll with a stroller to go with it.
So this morning while I prepared breakfast, they each played with a doll. Z pushed his doll around and V wanted to do the same but couldn’t. She’s not ready to stand and push yet. The stroller is too light but I’m sure that in time she will have a lot of fun with it.


Today we had a birthday party for V. She turned one on Tues this week. It was the perfect party size since some people couldn’t make it. V had fun though. And it was a manageable party size.

While grocery shopping we found an indoor hockey net on clearance so we bought it for Z. The kids had a blast during the party, until someone got hit with a stick.




This morning was a late start for all of us. We were off for Yom Kippur so we stayed in the big bed a little longer. I had bought a package of those retro goody hair clips for V. I let her play with them while I did her hair.
Z saw me doing it and wanted to do it as well. So here he is, putting a hair clip on V. So sweet.


Everyday after school I give Z a cheese stick to snack on for the ride home. We just talk about his day and the radio isn’t even turned on. Sometimes he makes funny faces at himself and laughs out loud.

My little goth girl.

Night Terrors and such

Ever since we’ve been back from Amsterdam, Z hasn’t had a restful night. Every night we anticipate him waking up at least twice screaming and crying. It’s hard because both him and M are exhausted from not sleeping through the night. Plus, he doesn’t get a full hour of nap at school.

V, on the other hand, doesn’t want to sleep in her own bed. Whenever she wakes, she’s screaming and crying to be picked up. She’s happy only in our bed.

Hope our kids sleep better soon.


Today is Violet’s birthday. She turned one. Ever since I’ve returned to work I have been so busy – so busy that I’ve even forgotten it was her birthday! I feel terrible.

So after dinner I made some rice krispies and shaped them into little round cakes and put a candle on it. Z helped V blow out the candle and we ate it.



Today we were brave again and ventured downtown to check out the Word on the Street. This time we were prepared for the day – to feed and nap the kids outside the house. Before we headed to the tents, we stopped by Starbucks on Yonge.

The event was not interesting for Z. So we walked towards Huron-Washington park so that Z could play at least while V napped. He had so much fun that he was jumping on to the slide to go down. That playground is truly one if the best ones.
After we ate lunch at New Generation. Z had a good appetite but not V. By the end of lunch Z was so exhausted he actually wanted to sleep. And do we walked him in the stroller – he napped for 1hr 20 min. It got too windy that we had to tie a scarf around his seat opening to reduce the wind.
It was a great day overall, being downtown. I think we will definitely donor more often, now that we know Z will map in the stroller.

Wool Soakers

I stumbled upon a tutorial (scrimply thrifty) for wool soakers while looking around on Etsy. It is super easy to follow. From time to time, Z’s diaper leaks and his wet pjs wake him up at night. These wool soakers would’ve prevented a lot of unnecessary wake ups perhaps.

Surprisingly, these were super easy to make. Just cutting and sewing. And because they are made with felted wool, they are pretty forgiving. No fraying to worry about. I think I’m going to make more of these for sure.


Every Sat from 9:30-10:30 at the Evergreen Brickworks they have a fabulous cooking program for kids called Hands in the Bowl. We have taken Z there once before and they made bean dips. Today was cheese straws. I love that he gets to cook and taste it after. It’s so great that they have the program. After we visited the farmers’ market and bought some produce.

I dressed V in a Halloween shirt today. She looked cute.

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