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V loves bath time, specifically, sucking on her wet hand, or the wet washcloth. She has watched me drink water and leaned in while trying to grab my cup with her hand. Twice I let her have a lick and drinks like a kitten – with her tongue. So cute.


Today, we visited our friends, Judy, Gary and Omi, in Whitby. We left the house 7:45 and arrived at 8:17am. Breakfast was Judy’s famous waffles and sausages and fruits.
Here, Z found Cookie Monster and he pulled himself aside to play with it. He was so into playing with it that he even wanted to bring the toy to the table. Cookie Monster was being fed cookies over and over again.

V is getting so good at sitting up on her own. Of course she’s always got a soft surface around her in case she falls over.

Here she found the ring for a pull-toy that plays music and was gnawing on it quietly for a few minutes. She was really enjoying herself there.

Blowing bubbles.

Up, up and away!


V was cranky this afternoon. No matter what M did, she was unhappy. So he tried hoisting her onto his shoulders and suprisingly, she liked it.

Everything, all of a sudden, seemed different from the new perspective.

A Great Oppoortunity

Recently we have been working on potty training with Z. We came up with a reward system in which pees are worth one sticker and poos are worth two. With so many free calendars around the house, we gave him one for his bedroom.

Pees are relatively easy and painless. They usually occur before or after bath time. The important thing is that the potty has to be easily accessible to him. Also being naked makes it a whole lot easier as well. No clothing to fuss with.

Poos, on the other hand, are trickier. Sometimes, when he has the urge and we interrupt it (either by insisting he goes on the potty or rushing him to the potty), he loses the urge and it’s gone till next time. Running around definitely helps to get the poo moving and out.

So today, we decided to skip bath because he was clean. In between diaper change, he decided to run around in his room without a diaper and M caught him doing the “pause” and immediately reacted. All 3 of us rushed to the bathroom and he even was excited. As soon as he say, I feared he would lose the sensation and he did. As he was about to get up and give up, I offered him a book.

Together we went to his room to grab an I Spy book and set him back on the potty. M had left us already to clean up the dining table. I decided to leave him for a few minutes and change my clothing in our bedroom. A few minutes later, I heard footsteps in the hallway. I peeked out and saw him slowly coming towards our bedroom. As he saw me, he also approached our room entrance, which was adjacent to V’s room, he screamed excitedly, “I pooed!”

Ecstatically, I followed him to the bathroom and looked into the orange potty to find 2 lumps. We called M up and we cheered Z on for his excellent potty effort. Z got to flush he toilet and watch his poo go down the toilet. Then he put 2 stickers on today’s date. It was a success.




It used to be that toothbrushing was never a struggle. Now M has to hold him and get in there with a toothbrush. I usually just give him the toothbrush while we are reading books and let him have it. I figure chewing on the bristles still counts as brushing somehow.

Today’s midday nap was very achy. V was attached to me for over an hour. I started on the couch in front of the tv and ended up on the rocker in her room. My neck was broken after she woke up.

I had to get dinner in the oven but both kids were awake so I had to improvise. So, here is where all our baby equipment and computers come in handy. Netflix Sesame Street. Cheese and mortadella cracker sandwiches and a comfy seat. All I needed was 15 min to assemble and put in the oven. Roasted turkey thighs with mini potatoes. 300F for 2 hrs and dinner will be ready. I hope.


For 2 Sundays in a row now, we’ve left the house after breakfast, gone grocery shopping, hung out at Chapters and then are having Subway for lunch. I think it’s going to be our new routine. Z loved the hot chocolate at Starbucks. It’s his treat while we have our coffees.

Perusing weekly flyers is one of our gamily’s many favorite activities, including Z. Here he is reading the Toys R Ud flyer.

At Subway, V sat in the MeToo chair as we ate our lunch. She was good for a little while. I imagine it won’t be long before she eats solids on the same chair.


Ok I have to admit I have been forgetting to take photos of the kids for the last few days. This is the only one I have for the day.
I can’t believe V is 5 months old. How quickly time goes by. She is such a cutie pie and her smile can brighten up a whole room. Developmentally, I think she is doing well. If you give her something or hold it out to her, she will try to grab it from you. She can also hold onto a piece of fruit and gnosh on it. Sitting by herself is old news. She’s an expert now.



Admiring herself on the mirror.


This is the only photo I got today. It’s been a very busy day and I’m exhausted.


I’ve always loved the National Geographic magazine cover with the veiled girl. I took the opportunity today to take my own with my little girl. I love how her eyes are so big and that’s the first thing you see. The pink also looks fabulous on her.

For a while, Z was terrified of Evan. He would push Z over for no reason, although I think it’s because he just gets too excited. Anyway, for the last 2 days I see them playing together. It amazes me how quickly boys forget the past, compared to girls.

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