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V and M came to pick Z and I up from my school. We ended up staying a bit longer and both kids were on the computer. V was watching Sesame Street videos and Z, playing soccer games. V loves to pretend to type on the keyboard but she was happy with the mouse.

Z looked so cute in his outfit today. I love the basketball uniform and cap.


It used to be that toothbrushing was never a struggle. Now M has to hold him and get in there with a toothbrush. I usually just give him the toothbrush while we are reading books and let him have it. I figure chewing on the bristles still counts as brushing somehow.

Today’s midday nap was very achy. V was attached to me for over an hour. I started on the couch in front of the tv and ended up on the rocker in her room. My neck was broken after she woke up.

I had to get dinner in the oven but both kids were awake so I had to improvise. So, here is where all our baby equipment and computers come in handy. Netflix Sesame Street. Cheese and mortadella cracker sandwiches and a comfy seat. All I needed was 15 min to assemble and put in the oven. Roasted turkey thighs with mini potatoes. 300F for 2 hrs and dinner will be ready. I hope.


The two kids watching Sesame Street – although she didn’t last as long as him.

V has been reaching for her feet a lot lately. Sometimes she grabs her legs instead when she is lying down. She is able to reach her feet when she’s upright sitting.

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