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Teething Troubles

I guess those nights where Willow stayed awake for 3 hrs were nothing compared to the last two nights.  Last night was especially brutal.  

Haven’t had breakfast yet. My hips, neck and Back are aching. Even my ankles are aching. I don’t even know what to do anymore. I feel like crying as I’m going crazy with this sleeplessness. 

I’ve read that the real teething lasts for about 8 days, with the teeth/tooth erupting at about day 5. This feels likes its been happening for quite sometime now. 

I’m trying to be so patient but all I’m going with is sleep I managed to get from 8:30-10pm and then from 1:20-5:30. The 1st hour and a half was the only time I slept in the bed without her on me. 

(As I type this, she just began to calm down. I’m hoping she will sleep for at least 2 hrs.). 

You see, people who say that you gotta nap when the baby naps don’t know the real truth about baby sleep.  You see, I used to be able to put her in the crib and walk away and then she would sleep.  But in times like these where she is teething, it doesn’t work. 

So not only am I beyond exhausted from a lack of sleep, I also cannot rest because I’ve got to nap her on me.  The swing was not successful and a stroller nap will be short – guaranteed under an hour. I’m screwed either way. 

And to make things even more challenging, my 4yo is home as school ended the first week of June. Being a stay-at-home parent is tougher than most people think.  Don’t ever let people tell you that it’s not. 

Normally I manage because I let her watch an hour of tv, then we do some drawing or writing and play outside. By that time W would’ve slept for 1.5-2 hrs and then we go to the library or park. 

I’m hoping she will have three good naps at least. 

Beet It!

Last night with Willow started out well. She slept with little fuss for 4 hrs before waking to feed.  It’s after that was bad. She was so congested from teething I had to hold her and sleep in the armchair in her room.  Many times I felt my head nodding off and my neck hurt. 

I had to ask Michael to change her and bring her to the bed to feed her since I could not wake.  I took a shower shortly after, which made me feel better, made kids breakfast and ate some too.  I feel better and now I’m napping Willow in the wrap. 

I have to secretly admit that I like this time when she’s napping because I get to watch Breakfast Television, Cityline and The Marilyn Dennis Show, all of which I love. So many tips and useful information.  Love it. 

I also managed to curl my hair using the hair band curling method.  Not pretty to look at while it’s setting but hopefully will look better after. 

I managed to sous vide some beets.  Peel. Slice.  Vacuum seal.  3 hrs at 183 F.  Looks great.  The setup and technique cannot be any simpler. There are so many ways to serve up these beets.  I’m going to explore some recipes and post how I used these lovely beets. 

I’m Up All Night (to Get Unlucky)

Asleep At last

There’s something relieving about kids being asleep. The last 2 hours and a bit have made me so tense. After that, she’s finally asleep. She’s so exhausted.

I think she’s teething badly because she’s got about 3 fangs peeking through her gums. I should remember to give her Tylenol tomorrow for the pain. Her eating has also been terrible. Poor girl.

I hope she has better nights to come.

Time to Sleep Train Again

Work is starting soon and I’m thinking of sleep training v once again. Saturday would be a good day to start since it will give us three days to fix her sleep at least.

Tonight has been going a little rough – considering that I started the bedtime routine around 7:20 and she is still awake. It’s been difficult – I’m forced to be in bed with her even before 9pm and can’t get things done. Although I have to say the additional sleep hours is not something to complain about.

V has been clingy and extra sensitive lately, often wanting only me and nothing to do with M. She cries and flails herself when M tries to hold her or pick her up. It’s sad. I’m not sure how to change it.

Right now, she’s in her crib crying and shouting for me. I’ve put her back since she’s been awake too long and has gotten her second wind and started to play in our bed. I hate hearing her cry and upset but she needs to know that it’s time to sleep. I’m hoping she’ll go to sleep soon. It’s minutes to 9pm. Late.

Sleep Interrupted

Sleep Training Update

It will be a week tomorrow since I initiated sleep training with V. The 3rd day was the best one since she stayed in her crib all night and didn’t have frequent waking.

Lately she has been teething – upper front two teeth are slowly coming out. I can see them there and they have partially broken skinning the gums but not out out yet. So her night times are rough, waking every 2 hours. Last night I just brought her in around 10:30 so she could at least just nurse on demand.

I’m hoping the teeth come out sooner so she can have much better sleeps. We want to sleep train her for naps as well. Besides she is starting home daycare tomorrow for half a day. I’m worried for Z and V. More for Z because he always dreads when we have to leave his side.


One Of Z’s gifts as a baby was a crocheted blanket I received from a coworker. I’ve never used it with him but I am with V. Shes teething badly and sometimes will chew on the blankie until she falls back asleep…or wake up.

And the Teething Continues

It seems that V has been teething forever. Seriously, I think she started at 3 months and has been on and off with it. Last night I managed to keep her in the crib all night, albeit the multiple times I went to her room. I also had to stay and hold her for a bit before putting her down. At the 3 o’clock visit, I fell asleep holding her and didn’t wake until after .4 am. Yikes!
The best indicator of her teething is fussiness during the day, wanting to put everything, especially paper and plastic, in her mouth. Somehow, I think she thinks that the crinkling noise will be as satisfying to feel on her gums Not. She was so fussy she even missed her last nap. I was wearing her and tried for about 1 hr and a half. So she went to bed earlier. So far, she has cried out and woken up twice.
All of her gums feel hard. Hopefully they come out soon, everyone’s sake


Today, we visited our friends, Judy, Gary and Omi, in Whitby. We left the house 7:45 and arrived at 8:17am. Breakfast was Judy’s famous waffles and sausages and fruits.
Here, Z found Cookie Monster and he pulled himself aside to play with it. He was so into playing with it that he even wanted to bring the toy to the table. Cookie Monster was being fed cookies over and over again.

V is getting so good at sitting up on her own. Of course she’s always got a soft surface around her in case she falls over.

Here she found the ring for a pull-toy that plays music and was gnawing on it quietly for a few minutes. She was really enjoying herself there.

Blowing bubbles.

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