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Z loves sports so much that he plays bowling and basketball every single day. Bottom line is he loves anything that has to do with sports – you name it, clothing, stickers, books, videos and Lego. Recently, I found him the NBA set on Kijiji and we bought it for him.
He and M were playing with the set when I came downstairs from putting V to nap. M was also looking at the LEGO book to fix the assembly of the court when Z said, “I like the soccer and hockey one, too. I will be happy when we buy all of them.”


M won us a Mama Taco about 2 months ago. It’s a towel made of soft fleece that is absorbent and cozy. After bath today, I wrapped V up in it to dry her. I laid her on our bed to change her and took some photos of her in the afternoon sunlight.

After dinner, Z got a pack of Pocky for dessert. I was holding V and she was intently watching him eat it and even making comments. We took a video of it and you can watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

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