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More Babies

A conversation with mommy and Z:

Z:  I want more babies.  2.

Me: How about 1?

Z:  Yah.

Me:  Do you want a girl or a boy?

Z:  A girl.  ooh, how about a black baby?

Me:  Uhm, I don’t know about a black baby.

Z:  Ooh, I know.  How about a peach baby?

Me:  That’s better.

Z: Yah, I’m peach, you’re peach, and Violet’s peach.

Me:  What colour is daddy?

Z:  Brown.

Sleeping on Their Own

Last night was the first night V slept Advil-free. She made it from 6:30pm to 1:00am, stirring only to eat and immediately returning back to sleep. Then she woke again at 5:20 am and I fed her and put her back awake. She sucked on her hands and rubbed her eyes when she got tired and went back to sleep at 5:35am, only to be woken by Z screaming at 5:55am. Now M is in her room rocking her.

Z started screaming around 5:20am. I suspect he has been up since 5 am. He got up and screamed 3 times and he’s back lying down again. Maybe this time he’d gotten the message that we are not coming to him at all and hopefully he’ll sleep for at least 30 minutes. We’ll see.


My two music prodigies, playing the piano. I found it so sweet to see Z playing for his little sister.

Self-teaching at its best. The iPad has been such a huge part of Z’s learning ever since we bought it. He has learned all his alphabets and hundreds of sports through an app called ABC Play. It’s incredible. Yeah, he plays bowling and basketball games, but he learns the terminology as well. What can be better than expanding his vocabulary?

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