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Potty Training Progress

Today is day 2 of V using the potty. After morning wakeup, I put her in underwear and we stayed home all morning. Twice she stopped herself from peeing more and told me she needed the potty.

I’m so excited. I can’t wait for her to be a big girl – her 2nd birthday is coming up in 24 days.

Then I got brave and took her out in her underwear to Bayview Village. She stayed dry until we got to Chapters – I was about to take her to the bathroom. She was standing by the Ty beanie ball spinning display when she tinkled. I came prepared with a spare pair of undies and pants. So no problem. (M had to wipe up the ‘spill’.)

At IKEA, I took her to the bathroom and she peed in the toilet! We had dinner and went shopping after. Then on the way out, we just didn’t get a chance to, it was just insanely crazy. So we drive home hoping she’d stay dry. But we ended up with a dark grey area on her carseat. Oopsie!

All in all, though, I think she’s doing fantastic! Z didn’t show signs of readiness until much after 2. In fact he was fully out of diapers during the day by 2 yrs 9 mos. not bad
for a boy.

Superhero Accessories


Zander is having a second birthday party – for most of his school friends who couldn’t come to his first one. M and I thought it would be fun to make it a superhero theme. So I’ve started to see some cuffs and capes.

The cuffs are made from fleece and the felt star stickers were a great find at Michael’s. I also found red polyester material – perfect for capes, which I’ve had to iron out all the creases. I’m going to also have to sew seams so they don’t fray but I think they’ll look fantastic!

The masks are a bit of a pain in the neck to make as the eye holes never seem to fit quite right – always too small, pressing down on your eyelids to give you a puffy eye effect. I’ve tried felt (which is probably the bat material), fleece (bad since it stretches and shifts), and cotton (too flimsy).

I can’t wait to see all the girls and Boys dressed up as superheroes. We’re also planning to have games and snacks – all thematic.

Stay tuned for more pics.

New Sleeping Arrangements

As of today’s nap, I moved Vs crib mattress into our room. I butted it against our mattress, which is also on the floor, and she slept there this afternoon. I don’t know why I never thought of it but it worked. I was able to slip downstairs to finish sewing her a lovely violet dress.


Tonight is the same arrangement. Hopefully she’ll sleep better.


Asleep At last

There’s something relieving about kids being asleep. The last 2 hours and a bit have made me so tense. After that, she’s finally asleep. She’s so exhausted.

I think she’s teething badly because she’s got about 3 fangs peeking through her gums. I should remember to give her Tylenol tomorrow for the pain. Her eating has also been terrible. Poor girl.

I hope she has better nights to come.

Time to Sleep Train Again

Work is starting soon and I’m thinking of sleep training v once again. Saturday would be a good day to start since it will give us three days to fix her sleep at least.

Tonight has been going a little rough – considering that I started the bedtime routine around 7:20 and she is still awake. It’s been difficult – I’m forced to be in bed with her even before 9pm and can’t get things done. Although I have to say the additional sleep hours is not something to complain about.

V has been clingy and extra sensitive lately, often wanting only me and nothing to do with M. She cries and flails herself when M tries to hold her or pick her up. It’s sad. I’m not sure how to change it.

Right now, she’s in her crib crying and shouting for me. I’ve put her back since she’s been awake too long and has gotten her second wind and started to play in our bed. I hate hearing her cry and upset but she needs to know that it’s time to sleep. I’m hoping she’ll go to sleep soon. It’s minutes to 9pm. Late.

Potty Trained Before 2 Yrs?

For the last week or so, V tells us when she needs to pee and she uses the potty with success. Today, she stayed dry in her underwear after the shower.

Just before we got in the car, I asked her to sit on the potty and pee. I went in the house to get something and came back to find pee in the potty! I was so thrilled.

We’re going to buy her some pull-ups at the store and see if she would like it. It’s so impressive to see her willing to use the potty. It must be because she sees her brother use it.

Will update on the progress of her potty training.

Best Friends

M and I used to say, “I wish they’d fight less.” We’ll, his weekend, they did. Perhaps it was the fact that they didn’t have any other playmates other than each other. Or maybe it’s because he’s now 4. But it was very endearing to watch the two of them play together.

They wrestled – he let her sit in his back. He wrapped his arms around her waist and went down the slide with her. While sitting in the IKEA shopping cart together, they gave each other kisses. It was pure sibling love and it was awesome!!!





Another day of adventures with the kids. After breakfast, we took a stroll through the Byward Market. We stopped to buy some baby carrots and orange cherry tomatoes. A visit isn’t complete without a few sweet treats – gingerbread cookies and a cherry turnover.

We also passed by the national art gallery and saw the giant spider sculpture outside.


While V napped, we checked out the locks in action. Z was fascinated by it.


After Vs nap we headed out to find lunch and ended up on Bank St. at Taste Ramen. We were surprised by the delicious ramen soups they made. Good choice. And as it turned out the Capital Pride Parade was on and we got to enjoy a little of it on our way out. V loved the festivities.

And on to Zs nap after. We walked back to the Rideau Centre for some Old Navy shopping since I needed some clothes. We were able to use the additional 25% off coupon from our email, which saved us even more money!


We came back to the hotel to rest and freshen up just before dinner. Whenever we travel we always check out the Chinatown so we had Chinese for dinner at So Good Restaurant. It was very good, indeed. We ordered a dish of chicken with cashew nuts in a peanut sauce and we love it! But unfortunately, V got cranky and wanted out of her high chair even before I was halfway through my meal.

I had to pick her up and she begged to nurse so I just did even though I didn’t have the nursing cover on. She was closing her eyes and I thought she was playing at first but she actually fell asleep! I’m fact she slept for a good 15 min and probably would’ve slept more if I hadn’t moved her. We had to leave.

Spontaneous Road Trip

Last trip of the Summer
Currently on the road to Ottawa. We have had a very busy day. Zoo in the morning with Andrea and Ava, then Ms family came for dinner.

I cooked up a nice Chinese meal – shrimp and veggie chow mein, cornstarch fish and steamed rice. Eversince driving home from the zoo, we’ve been thinking about taking a road trip. We figured the summer is ending soon, why not?

As for the destination, there were many toss ups. Niagara Falls. Kingston. Thousand islands. M had suggested Ottawa but I thought it was too far. Just as dinner was finishing up, I was already planning how we’d get out tonight.

While M bathed and dressed the kids, I packed our things. I also was multitasking trying to book us a hotel on Hotwire last minute. Marriott in front of the Parliament Hill, here we come.

I’m excited. The kids are asleep in the backseat. I just switched with M from driving. We’re most likely getting in around 1am. But it’s ok. I’m glad we decided to just do this!


“Dap” means “that” for V. It’s what she says when I try to sit in her nursing chair to nurse her after her wakeup. She’s indicating for me to go to our bed where she’d like to sleep.

As much as it is crowded in our bed when V joins us in it, it’s such a warm feeling to sleep beside her. Right now, I’m lying in bed with her sprawled out. She is so cute and content. After nursing she simply rolled over and went back to sleep. She shifted a few times, letting out some gas in the process.

The good thing is that she will at least start off in her crib. It gives me time to finish up some things downstairs. It also forces me to be in bed earlier than I would be.

Mornings are sweet, especially, since she greets us with a “morning” and a big smile. I love it. I just wish she’d sleep through without nursing anymore. One day.

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