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Back to Square One

For the last two days now, V has refused to sleep in her crib. She’d protest when I’d out her down in the crib and just scream louder when I leave the room. It has been problematic because I’m in her room for much longer than I need to and Z gets upset because he wants me too.

So tonight, after trying for an hour to get her to go in her crib, I bring her into our bed. I ask if she wants her bears and she nods, “yes”. As soon as I give her the bears, she has the biggest grin she’s trying to suppress and I remind her she needs to go to sleep.

I decided to test her by telling her that I need to go to the bathroom and will be back to check on her. She understands everything I say so she nods when I told her to stay in the bed and go to sleep. She shuts hers eyes tight and has a suppressed grin while hugging her bears tightly. I tell her if I find her awake when I return she will be going back to her crib.

I go downstairs, since we had company, and check back on her 10 min later. She is asleep alright. Wow. I never expected that. But she woke up two hours later and cried out. Now she’s back asleep after nursing.

M made a very good suggestion. For Z and I to take a mini vacation away from home, stay in a hotel and let M and V develop a routine together to help her wean off breast feeding. I kind of liked it. I’m actually excited about the idea.

Back on Track

I’m back on the wire. M got me a replacement iPhone from the apple store over the weekend. I should be back blogging again.

Rough Days

The past few days have been rough at night. Both kids have been waking up multiple times. Last night was the worst of them. It all started around 11am and by the time they settled down, it was almost 3 am.

M and I were beyond exhausted. Lets hope tonight’s a better night.

Daycare Together

Today was the first day Z and V were dropped off at daycare. Z’s last day was yesterday and we were so lucky to have found a place for V that will take him occasionally. Z was excited to go but V was upset at the door, crying and flailing herself when S was holding her. She quickly settled after we left.

Z had a great time and made friends with M, who is 4. Naptime was a little off since both kids and another kid were all placed in the same room. Apparently, all three fell asleep and then Z woke up shortly after, and woke up the little ones, including V. Then he fell back asleep again. I’m not sure but all three kids had a short nap.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

“It’s an Emergency!!!”

Tonight I dropped my iPhone while the toilet was flushing. It all happened so quickly. I won’t go into details of how I had to retrieve it but let’s just say, I to Lysol my phone, arm and hands after.

Nevertheless, it’s now sitting inside a ziploc bag of rice. I’ve got to leave it for at least 3 days. We will see.


I love seeing Z in these silly glasses. He looks completely different with them on. I couldn’t help laughing. This was a loot bag item from the last birthday party.

Blowing bubbles is a very tricky thing. You’ve got to blow just right or it won’t work. V was practicing after I showed her to blow upwards instead.


I love seeing V in Z’s old clothing. As much as she’s a girl, some of the boy clothes still look adorable on her. I happened to dress them both in green and got them to pose for a photo after I put their shoes on. V wanted to sit beside Z on the bench.


The year at Hillcrest is coming to an end for Z. They had their party and it was really nice to see all the kids and teachers. The teachers even organized a performance with the kids of the native music therapy song, “hiya Ho”. Then the kids got to enjoy ice cream from the truck.

At the end of the day when we pick up V from daycare, she’s always so excited to see us. She also learned to request for a cheese stick as a snack – all this was to divert her need to nurse at the moment.


Today was a fun day all together. Started with playing at the park, then a playdate and lunch at our house, then more outdoor fun after the nap.



Alarmed by the Alarm

M just came home and informed me that the radio in Z’s room is playing. I turned over to the video monitor to my right and switched the channel. I could hear high-pitch signing. There was music playing for sure. And Z’s sleeping through it all.
Not sure how long it has been playing for. M went in to turn it off.

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