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When it comes to food, our family is considered foodies, including the kids. I have been giving V fruits here and there and she seems to like it a lot. She used to push the mashed fruit out after tasting it and today, she ate 2 whole blueberries sans skin. And she swallowed all of it. V has been eyeing our food whenever we eat ever since I can remember. I can’t wait for her to eat other foods. So far, she has had grapes, clementine, banana, apple, pear and blueberry.


My little pooh bear has a beautiful smile for me in the morning. Even though she is teething, she is still able to give lots of smiles.

After his bath, Z gets a full body creaming and a quick blow dry. At the same time, he is given a job of brushing his teeth. He decided to be goofy, like he sometimes can be, in front of the mirror. It’s entertaining to watch him.

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