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Independent play is so important to me. While I make phone calls, V is playing with her Little Tykes pull toy. She is getting so good at grabbing things and putting it in her mouth.

Z is set up with some snacks, water bottle and the iPad. He’s good to go. Occasionally, V looks over to check out what he is doing. It’s cute.


V has mastered holding on to objects and using them to help with her teething needs. At lunch, she was even gnawing on a piece of cantaloupe I gave her. Every time she dropped it, I’d give it to her and she’d be so happy.

M loves to give squishy kisses. Here, as you can see, V’s face is being squished and she seemed to have enjoyed it.

Just recently, we have had a resident tea connoisseur in the house. He opens the IKEA coffee table and carefully lifts out the heavy Bombay Company tea box. Hw he does it without slamming it on the coffee table, I don’t know. This morning, he chose a Tazo Chai Tea for us to drink, which I put into a thermos to bring with us for the morning. I must say he did drink his share of the tea and enjoyed it, too!

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