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The two kids watching Sesame Street – although she didn’t last as long as him.

V has been reaching for her feet a lot lately. Sometimes she grabs her legs instead when she is lying down. She is able to reach her feet when she’s upright sitting.


Z has always been more interested in older kids than the younger ones. I think this is because his language skills are more advanced than most of his peers and he prefers to interact with the older ones. Girls are always in his radar.
Today was PA Day so some parents brought their older kids to the Parenting Centre for the morning. Erlissa, a 1st grader, caught Z’s attention immediately as soon as she got there. During snack time, he expressed to me that he would like “that girl” to sit beside him at the table. After, he wanted her to sit with him during music and story time as well, and they read together after. He could not help but be all over her, like he usually is with me. This photo was the best one as it shows his sweet side.

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