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Miracle of Sleep

We took Z skating at the Civic Centre this morning. Leaving the house with 2 kids take awhile. We decided to go at 10 am but by the time we left the house it was 10 min to 11.

The weather was actually nice today – kind of mild, but down at the rink, it was windy. I guess there was a wind tunnel there. V was bundled up in the carseat, trying to sleep and crying, while I was freezing my head off rocking her stroller. She never really stayed asleep for a period of time.

On the way home, Z wanted to go to Pho Metro so I had to take her home and the 2’of them went for lunch together. Poor V was crying all the way home. She was glad to be out of the carseat finally.

When we got home, I nursed her and soon, she was asleep. 12:15. I felt so relieved. While she slept, I curled my hair and. Made sushi rolls. She ended up sleeping for 3 hrs. What a record. Hopefully, she will sleep better tonight.


Sleep Issues

Eversince V was born, Z has been having sleep issues. He uses to sleep through the night, especially after we sleep-trained him post Chicago.

Normal wakeup time used to be 6-645 am. Nowadays, not only does he wake up way before that, but he also has difficulty falling asleep on his own and requires our help.

Also, being sick for the last week or so didn’t help either. It has been a very rough time with both kids’ sleep. It’s amazing how she’ll wake up when he wakes up even if she can’t hear him through her noisemaker. It’s so exhausting, especially since this is supposed to be M’s holiday break.

Today, Z woke up at 3:50 am crying out for me. After unsuccessful attempts with M, I went in and managed to have him lie down and stay down for 20 min. Our worst fear was about to come true once the clock hits 5 am, that is it for sleep. I overheard him arguing and insisting on going downstairs. I had to go to V because she was fussing.

By the time I came back from her room, it was quiet in his room. I’m praying he’s asleep on the couch with M. Otherwise, its going to be a long day with a tired cranky toddler.

Looks like we have to sleep train him again next week. This has got to end.

Finger-licking good

Zander enjoying a gelt he got at grandparent’s house. Licking his chocolate covered fingers.


Violet, licking her fingers for other reasons.


Over So Soon

Christmas and Hanukkah are over. It’s amazing how quickly retailers will display Valentine’s Day merchandise as soon as Dec 25th passes.

The other night, M and I dismantled and packed away our tree and the ornaments. This is the first time we packed away holiday stuff so quickly. 2 Halloween’s ago, we weren’t so prompt. Some of the bats and mice cutouts stayed up for another year.

We told Zander that we don’t eat gelt after Hanukkah, hoping that he won’t ask for it again till next year.


My Sports Jock

My toddler is into sports. Eversince we discovered ABC Play on the iPad, he has expanded his knowledge of sports a lot. This kid is unbelievable and knows almost every sport that is out there.

In this photo, he is playing billiards. I taught him how to hold the cue stick and use his other hand for support. It’s so cute.

For Chrismukkah, he got a 6-pin bowling set, a mini billiards table, mini foosball table and bob skates. He is so excited to go skating that almost everyday for the last 3 days, he gets his skates and helmet out and wants to put them on.

So far, bowling has been an everyday, more than once a day activity. He makes us set up the pins for him.



Here he is bowling in his Yo Gabba Gabba undies.


To Nap or Not Nap

Our little girl has finally fallen asleep in the Moby wrap. After Several attempts, including nursing down in our bed and swaddling and rocking, she is finally out. Just as I was putting her down, Z woke up. So I suggested to M to take him out to play in the snow. So they did.

I was dozing off with her suckling on me and feeling semi-successful. A few minutes later, she detached on her own and I was free to move around and get comfortable. However, as luck would have it, her big brown eyes opened and she gave me a huge smile. Back to square one, my nipples were getting sore so I decided to just swaddle her and put her in the crib.

I let her fuss and cry it out for a for a few minutes and then there was silence. I felt relieved for a moments, but not for long. 5 minutes after I had donned my snow pants, jacket, mitts to go and join the boys, she started crying. Up I went again, to rescue her. This time, I use brought her down and was going to let her stay up. What the heck, says M. Just let her stay up and see what happens.

It is exhausting though, I tell you. I’m so glad she is finally resting because I do want her to get better soon. We’ll see about sleep tonight.


New Business

It’s that time of year again when our business slows down. Every year, it seems that we are faced with a new challenge. Jewelry for us was very slow and we found that we had to drop our price points down a lot. Sock Monkeys needed a push so M started an Operation Sock Monkey Drive and it was a success.

We participated in so many shows this year but about half of them were flops because of poor advertising or wrong neighborhood. One show cost us $150 and we sold less than $50. And another one we sold $6! So we have decided to rethink our crafts.

At every show we notice that food items always sell – regardless of whether other items sell or not. Cupcakes are always popular. So this Valentine’s Day, we are going to be selling sweets.

We are currently working on some ideas for our label and packaging. Most packaged baked good kits make at least a dozen more for quantity. Sometimes you just want to bake a few so you don’t have to eat it all yourself. So we were thinking a mini batch kit.

So far, I have one idea for labels. Here it is. Let us know what you think.


V asleep in my arms

I’ve discovered it is much easier and more convenient to bring her swaddle downstairs because I can swaddle and nurse her to sleep here. All I have to do is take her up and put her in the crib. I never have to leave Z for long unsupervised. Why did I not think of that earlier?

Precious Kids

I told M about this project I’m starting in 2012 and he asked, “why not start now? It’s good practice.” So here is my 1st post for the project.

Violet in the bath, after 5 days of no bath. She was so sick with a cough and cold that there were times in the night when she would only sleep if I held her. Despite her discomfort, she still manages to give us lots of smiles everyday.


Zander in pigtails, eating a baby cucumber and watching NBA highlights in YouTube, and daddy sneaking a kiss. On his cheek.



Too Many Things Running Through my Head

Not sure where to begin. Let’s see…

Been eating too many sweets lately. My efforts to lose weight are almost nil. Bad, very bad. I really need to get healthier. I can’t use nursing as an excuse anymore – it hasn’t worked the last pregnancy and it won’t work now. Holidays are terrible because there’s chocolates and cakes everywhere. I never had a sweet tooth until after the 2nd pregnancy. I’m planning to do a 48-hr weekend detox from Dr. Oz as soon as the holidays are over.

Poor baby V. Only 3 months and has already been sick twice. This time around, she had to go to the hospital because she had a fever of 39 degrees. To top it off, she has bronchiolitis and had to have a puffer with an aerochamber prescribed for her. And the aerochamber ain’t cheap – $54.99! Yikes. She has been taking it every 4-6 hrs for the last 3 days now. Her coughs are still horrible though – so hard that I feel like she is going to throw up as a result.

Part of my motivation to lose weigh was to be able to wear a 2-pc bikini again on the beach. I’ve been dreaming of going to a Beaches Resort, but upon seeing my research findings, I realize it’s just too expensive. Traveling with 2 kids is just not the same as traveling with one. We still have a gift cert from Omni good for 2 nights that we can use. But airfares are just too Expensive.

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