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Today was our last full day in A’dam. It’s been a very interesting experience traveling with 2 little ones. We have been taking it slow for the last few days. Just going to the playground and hanging out.

It’s only today that we let V play in the sand pit. She eventually ate sand and didn’t like it but she loved the sensory experience of it. She also was cruising around, climbing on top of stone works and trying to climb down. It was very fun to watch. I can’t believe how much she has grown.
Z, on the other hand, loves to play in sand. I think if we went to s beach he would just stay there all day. I love his playfulness and innocence. I’m sure that will all change.


Whenever Z and I play with play doh, V also wants to play. She will actually eat it and the HEMA one is salty. So I give her the tub and she squeezes the pack because she likes the feel and the sound it makes.

After his nap, I persuaded Z to go to the playground since its such a nice day. On the walk there this is the conversation that transpired.

Z: I don’t want to go to the playground because there will be some kids that will push me.
Me: Were there kids that pushed you here?
Z: No, not here. At Vondelpark, when I was at the bouncy castle, a kid stepped on my face.
Me: Well, that was at Vondelpark. The kids here are nice. Aren’t they?
Z: yeah. The big kids were nice to me and they played with me.


For dinner, V had a big appetite. She fed herself spaghettini, cauliflower, broccoli and some meatballs (all in bite-sized pieces, of course). I was so proud of her. Such a big girl.

Poor Z, feeling hot on the canal cruise. It was HOT! It was cute hen he would say, “look ma/dad, another buoy!!!”


Second time at Vondelpark, we were prepared…for Z. We bought him a Spiderman swim trunk but V had to go in diaper, and eventually, in her birthday suit. She had such fun even though the water was cold. I thought she would cry but she wanted to crawl around in the pool.


At the apartment we are staying, there is no high chair for V. So come mealtimes, one of us usually sits on the floor with her while she sits in a recliner. Something clicked in my head this afternoon and I placed a large cushion on Z’s chair so he can sit without going on his knees. Then it occurred to me to put Vs recliner on the chair. Voila! It fit. (May not be the safest but at least she could be with us for mealtimes.) I gave her crayons to let her draw. She wasn’t too interested. She wanted to rip the pages more than color.

Z loves to watch podcasts. Some of his favourites include the cooking ones with Jamie Oliver. He’s completely fascinated with watching people cook. During quiet play time, we were making vegetables and fruits with play doh. He requested celery and he wanted to grate it “because that’s what Jamie Oliver does”. Then he asked for cooking goggles, too. So funny.


At our visit to Decathlon sports store, V’s eyes widened when she saw the stacks of soccer balls. I gave her one and she couldn’t be happier.

After Z’s nap all he wanted to do was play ping pong. Look at that still-sleepy face.


Yes, the kids are at a bar with us. We had to stop for lunch and the lady that worked there was just super friendly. She was totally in loved with Z and V and even jokingly offered for us to leave the kids with her for a few days. Haha.


It was a beautiful sunny day today and we spent it at Vondelpark. We packed swim stuff for ourselves but not the kids . Not sure how that happened. Anyway, after playing in the sand for a while I thought to take Z for a rinse in the wading pool. Little did I know he was going to love it in there!

V just wanted to crawl around badly, especially after seeing all the older kids run around. It was all too sandy everywhere and the grass was wet. This was the best place for her. She loved it.


This morning, the kids were in bed with us after we all woke up. Z especially enjoys snuggling up with the iTouch.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of things – especially when it comes to you’d babies. I enjoy wearing V and love it because I like to keep her close to me. But there are done says when Z needs me even more. So those are the days when M will wear her. M had a rough night last night do he was feeling very tired and he tried lying down while wearing her. She managed to sleep for about 20 min while on him. That’s pretty good, I’d say.


br />
Another bath in the kitchen sink for V. I think she’s getting used to the idea.

All washed up and having a fruit snack before bedtime. Look at that mane of hair. I’m even jealous!

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