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Day 40 – Camp and Canada’s Wonderland

The morning was pretty tense. V was still having some issues with going to camp. For most of the ride, she was in tears which created a very stressful moment. By the time we handed her off she was fine. Z was trying to cheer her up again telling her that she had already gone to camp the day before and that things would be fun and easy. She wasn’t convinced. L had to carry her right to the gate which was okay.
At lunch, when we picked her up, she had the biggest smile and a look that said “oh, my. Mom and Dad are here to pick me up! They remembered to get me!” We took her to a Japanese Ramen house on Yonge st. that recently opened. It was extremely good. I will post the name and location on a different entry. We might go back with Z.
While V was sleeping, L and I went for a walk around Eglinton. We wish we could live in this neighbourhood, but the cost of the houses is too high for such a small place. We couldn’t carry a mortgage that big without being house poor. Wish I could win the lottery.
In the evening, after we picked up Z from camp, we headed to Canada’s Wonderland. Not the best ideas, I’ve had but not the worst. We went on a number of rides especially the Ghoster Coaster that Z is very fond of. That was the problem. The line-up was so long. Z stood there excitedly and waited. I was concerned about L. She and V were waiting and my phone was dead. I felt bad and wanted to go to them but Z was adamant about going. He loved it. It was a 60 second ride that made him giggle and laugh and scream and want to go again. I had to tell him that it was impossible for us to go again because the line which made him a little sad. It took us almost 15 minutes to locate L and V. I had to borrow someones charger to get my phone to work just enough to send L a message which turned out not to be necessary because I found her in the crowd.
We needed to get dinner so, my next bad choice in retrospect was Jack Astors. Z was so distracted by the screens that it was impossible to have a calm meal. He was also really tired.
Tomorrow’s plan: work. Stay home. Eat home cooked meals.

Day 39 – First day of camp for both of them.

The kids started camp today. I was stressed out in the morning. I was anticipating both of them freaking out. V already had started the day before complaining that she didn’t want to go but we convinced her that it will be good.

After some tears and separation anxiety, both kids were at camp and we were off to purge some of our things.
When we picked up V, she told us that she saw Z who came up to her and gave her a hug. We think she was crying and Z came up to her to cheer her up but she wanted mommy. It was a really sweet moment. He’s been really good with her for the last little while. They still fight sometimes but they get along and play together. They make each other laugh.

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