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Preparing for Passover Seder #2

Here we go again. Round 2 for Passover. There are 8 days, after all. So why not enjoy it?

The 1st night was hectic – as it always is. Food was great though. The spread was extensive. From matzo ball soup to gefilte fish, to cauliflower gratin to the amazing brisket!!!

Let’s talk brisket for a moment. I’ll admit, it is very hard to find a good piece of brisket any time in the year – especially if you just shop at the regular grocery stores ( that don’t carry kosher products).

I walked into Nortown Foods last week to hunt for egg matzah since the Metro at Bayview/York Mills didn’t have it. And there, in the fridge section, were these glorious slabs of brisket, already pickled, just waiting to be cooked.

I splurged. I don’t normally shop at Nortown but I must admit that it was WORTH every penny!!! Today is the 2nd day after the dinner and the 5 lb brisket is all gone. Not much else to say, but yum!!!!

So on Friday, we are having friends over and we have planned to have duck and pre rib roast. Stay tuned.

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