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It’s rare that I dress Z in preppy clothes because he can get pretty messy sometimes. His usual outfit consists of jeans or cargo pants with a long sleeve shirt. Today, I thought he looked so sharp in a dress shirt and vest. Everyone was complimenting him at the school. I made him pose this morning and this was the best face, I thought.

V loves to sit. We give her opportunities to sit whenever she wants to. Just recently she has been trying to get out of the Bumbo by arching her back and pushing her bum up. I have to watch out for her.


My two music prodigies, playing the piano. I found it so sweet to see Z playing for his little sister.

Self-teaching at its best. The iPad has been such a huge part of Z’s learning ever since we bought it. He has learned all his alphabets and hundreds of sports through an app called ABC Play. It’s incredible. Yeah, he plays bowling and basketball games, but he learns the terminology as well. What can be better than expanding his vocabulary?


Both kids were up early today. Z at 4:40 am and V at 5:30 am. Both got woken up by poo. Pretty $!’??@. I know. But what can you do? Just hope the rest of the day goes well.

Seeing that we’re home all day, I let him cozy up on the couch and watch Curious George the movie. He has also been nursing the same smoothie I made him an hour ago. To hasten the day, I’m going to give him a bath before naptime. At least that’s my plan so far.

Well, the plan for Z has worked out. But I’m having problems with V’s sleep lately. I suspect teething because she wants to nurse all the time. Her naps are so short now and with the amount of effort I put into it, it’s only 30 min long. She wants to nurse to sleep all the time. I’m tempted to put he in the carseat.

I want to sleep train her but am unsure. Her nighttime sleep is also starting to get worse. She used to be able to sleep for 5-7 hrs straight before waking for the first feeding. Now it’s more like 4-5 feedings a night. It’s exhausting. I need to break this cycle before she gets older.

Here I made her sit in the Bumbo to pretend to play the piano. I even gave her time in the Exersaucer to tire her out. No luck.

I even put her in the Jolly Jumper and she was good in it. She never complained once except when I took her out. I was impressed at how upright her posture was – her neck was well supported.

Despite all the activities, she’s on her 4th 30 min nap and is sleeping in the wrap, with a nursing cover. I’m thinking this will be a halfer again. For sure it’s teething because she gets frustrated and even gags when she shoves her fist into her mouth. Poor girl.



Today was all about Z. V surprised is both by napping for 2 hrs 40 min straight. Z and I had so much time together we did a lot. Here, he is making his own grocery list as I’m going through weekly flyers and making my own list. I kept hearing him say, “We need some lemons, mommy. Ooh, i will order them.”. So cute. I was looking through the flyers to see what was on sale and he decided to join me.


Because V was down for a longer time than usual, we were able to do a lot together. Next we played bowling with the pegs and the Melissa and Doug cookie dough (which was his puck). Z is very imaginative and resourceful when it comes to entertaining himself. He will take anything and use then as bowling pins – even the play canned goods from his kitchen set.


Here he decided to sit in the Bumbo and pretend to be a baby again. Then he told me he had a magic trick to show me. He put the Bumbo on his head and wore it as a hat. When he was done with that, he pretended it was a potty and proceeded to put his toy balls in it and call it “racoon poo”. I guess he got raccoon poo from his gramps because they have a raccoon that visits their porch and leaves them presents from time to time.


V finally woke up and she was so happy. She has not slept this long for a nap since she was a month old. I brought her down and sat her in her chair to watch Z and I play bowling in the kitchen.


Bowling with Spiderman pins. I set them up for him everytime they fall over.


Z showing his love for his little sister.

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