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V and M came to pick Z and I up from my school. We ended up staying a bit longer and both kids were on the computer. V was watching Sesame Street videos and Z, playing soccer games. V loves to pretend to type on the keyboard but she was happy with the mouse.

Z looked so cute in his outfit today. I love the basketball uniform and cap.


Z wanted to try out this patio chaise lounge and asked me for permission first.

And then there’s V, who wants to play with a laptop. Except this one’s a fake

New Day, New Surprises

Last night, M and I were talking about sleep and our kids.  Why is it that other people’s kids sleep in till 8am and nap for more than 1.5 hrs?  It seems that we are being punished with their sleep patterns.  Enough said, we thought since V is now 4 months, turning 5 months, she should be able to stay up longer than 2 hrs.  So today is the start of the new sleeping schedule.

V surprised me today by falling asleep in the carseat on the way home and staying asleep for a little over an hour.  That is rare!  Her 1st nap was the usual 30 m in though so I was not banking on anything after that. 

Z, on the other hand, woke up at 4:45 am.  Yikes, I know.  Waking up at 5 or 5:30am is one thing, but 4?  Anyhoo, he went down for his nap around 1pm and is still sleeping.  I am hoping for a 2 hr nap.  He must be exhausted.

Teething and Sick

It wasn’t long ago when both kids were sick. Well, V isn’t really sick – just teething. She has been fussy, sleepless and wanting to nurse all the time. When she’s fussy all she wants is me – well, my nipple, actually. All this coincided with her need to be freed from the swaddle for sleep. I think that it minimized her frustrations when she needs to suck on her finger.

Z woke up feeling off – no appetite at all. In fact he has been that way all day. Even his nap was shorter than usual. I felt him warm this morning and he’s a lot warmer now. He’s been so upset tonight that he cried so much. Z kept saying, ” Mommy…”, as if to ask me to make the pain go away. He wouldn’t let us check his temperature so we couldn’t get a reading.

I’m hoping he feels better before the weekend is over.



Today was a very chilly day. But nothing warms me up more than seeing V’s big smile upon waking up. Thank goodness for the sun as well, it would’ve been a cold and dreary day.


Z watching a baby DVD(somehow he enjoys it more than V does. Weird.). He was drumming on the tv because the DVD was about music instruments.

First Post

I am excited to begin a new blog. A few of my new year’s resolutions is to write more, take more photos of my family and lose weight.

This is going to be a shorter posts since I’m doing this while both kids are up and I’m also on my iTouch typing with one finger. (V is currently fussing at the breast and she just did a huge #2 – no wonder she was fussing). Z is beside me on the floor busy with the iPad. I love his independence – he just turned 28 months. He is so good with digital devices.
The week has been a challenging one since both kids got sick. They have been coughing and suffering from congestion and rough sleeps at night. It’s worse when Z wakes from a short nap crying and inconsolable for 30 min and wakes V up as well. Then she starts wailing when she hears him wail. It’s chaos, I tell you.



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