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Last day of March Break. This also means M goes back to work tomorrow. We woke up and stayed lounging in the bed till 7:30 am. After breakfast we hung around, not really sure where to go and what to do for the day. V had a nap on me in the wrap Then I thought of IKEA. That’s always a good place to go, especially with the kids.

Off we went, not really intending to buy anything huge. Then we saw the patio sets and we started thinking about having a nice one to enjoy the weather with. We didn’t purchase it at that point because we needed more space in the car. We had lunch and came home in time for Z’s nap and for V to wake from hers.

M went to IKEA to get the patio set and Z woke up minutes before he got home and Z got upset that yaya went to him instead of M. Then he was okay. I came back with V from getting printer ink and diapers, hoping that V would nap on the walk back home. No luck. That was already 2:45pm.

I wore her in the Mei tai for about 45 min and all she did was fuss. So I let her out. M and Z happened to be working on putting the patio sets together so I helped them after putting her down. It s so much fun to see them two sitting in a box – V wildly entertained by her older brother. She found everything he did funny. He even let her lick his ice cream cone.


She must’ve sat and played in the box for more than 35 min, not complaining at all about being tired. In fact she was so content enjoying the warm weather in the company of the people she loved the most. It was a nice Sunday spent together. And not once did Z ask to use the iTouch because he was just enjoying being outdoors and having fun.

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