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Today is my birthday. Although I had a rough morning with V being fussy from 4-5:30 am, I ended up sleeping in till almost 8am with V in our bed. M and Z woke up around 7am and went downstairs to get my presents out. They greeted me with a happy birthday as I woke up and it was very sweet.

The weather was good – a little on the overcast and breezy side when we got there but by the time we were leaving it was sunny and much warmer. I’d say today’s visit to the zoo was enjoyable and we were glad we got there before the crowd did. V was also happy to be walking around with us, especially in the Mei tai.


Sibling Love

It’s not often that a toddler will sit still to snuggle, let alone snuggle a baby. Z loves his baby sis and he often shows it when no one is watching. Occasionally he will do as we ask and give V a kiss or pat her head gently of hug her. Sometimes I catch him singing or talking to her. It’s so sweet. And the best part of it all is that she adores him and you can see it in every photo.


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