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ImageZ has been sick.  It started with a harmless runny nose and has progressed to a congested nose and losing his voice.  We had a family day today where we didn’t see anyone.  Breakfast was at Leslie Cafe (they open at 8am) and we had congee, noodles and salty doughnuts.  Yummy!  Then we took Z to the Fun City and he loved the mini bowling alley and the mini golf.  He didn’t care so much for the slides and such.  After his nap, he was groggy and feeling even worse.  The afternoon was spent on the iTouch and the Wii.

While in the playroom, he noticed the group photo from his school and asked to see it.  So I brought it down and also showed him the photo book we printed from Shutterfly of him.  He loved looking at  the photos and I got all sentimental, remembering him when he was younger.  It seemed so long ago but really, it was just about 2 years ago.  Anyway, he saw the stirfry and sushi set from Melissa and Doug and he wanted to play with it. I was so happy to hear that since all he has been doing is BOWL.  Literally, he will bowl down anything he can bowl.

ImageDespite the windy afternoon, we decided to sit out on the deck, on our newly purchased IKEA patio furniture.  M put up the gazebo top so shield us from bird droppings.  But the wind still blew.  M gave V a scarf to wear around her shoulders while I fed her dinner and she played.  Look at that face.  Shew knew she was being photographed, didn’t she?

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