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I love it when kids make Ginny faces -especially my own. V was making a lot of noises and leaning back when I took this photo.

I wonder what the figures are saying to each other?


Just before his nap I gave Z a sweet tart so he would stop asking for another gummy vitamin. After he woke up from his nap and came downstairs the first thing he asked for was where the jar was. He looked so precious, all groggy and on the verge of tears from being disappointed.

If you are eating something and are close to V, you need to be sure she gets some as well. She is holding a piece of pear very well and sucking on it.


Grandma came for a visit and spent some time with Z and V. She stayed for over 3 hrs – which is rare. She couldn’t help but snuggle V all the time, even while she was on the Jolly Jumper.

There was so much snow that M and Z played outside for a while before dinner. They made a snowman and a snow slide Z had so much fun and by the time he came in his cheeks were so flushed from the cold.

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