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Very yummy indeed.

cloudberries & snow



The kale chip is an enigma. It packs the taste sensations of crunch and salt, even a little bit of oil, with the nutritional density of kale. Similar to a potato chip, you may find that you’ve eaten the entire batch within two hours.

As fond as I am of baking, my real love lies in all things deep fried and salted. Kale chips and I have had a strange standoff for a little over a year now, as I grew ever more suspicious and wary with each failed batch to my name. They had promised me greatness – all the health benefits and bitter crunch of kale, the tang of the sea salt crystals as they meet the tongue, the ruffled edges of the chips crumbling into a powder packed with flavor on each bite.

The problem? Too much liquid. Keep the oil to about a tablespoon…

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