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Baby Must-Haves

Second time around, figuring out baby necessities is south easier. These are my top 10 Must-haves.

1. Diaper Pail (diaper Genie)
2. Video monitor
3. Cool mist humidifier (Crane is the best)
4. Exersaucer
5. Crib wedge(for when they are sick)
6. Moby wrap
7. Mama Taco towel
8. Car Seat Cover (Jolly Jumper)
9. Phil & Ted MeToo chair (4 months and up; better than high chair)
10. White noise machine

Happy shopping. Btw, a lot of these can be bought used on Kijiji. Check before you buy new.


23/365 – My Two-year Old Dictator

Another day at home with lots of tv viewing. When u have 2 kids, it’s challenging. Z had a vomit episode at breakfast this morning. He wasn’t feeling well since waking.

For most of the day I took turns putting V to sleep and trying to play with him. I was tired out from last night. We had to bring him in his morning at 4:25 am and it took almost 45 min for him to fall asleep. I feared he wouldn’t sleep at all and would want to just play. I was relieved he slept for a bit – maybe an hour or less.

While I was on our bed with him, M was on the floor in V’s room since she had to go in the carseat. It really bites when both kids are sick.

I try to rotate V between her recliner, Exersaucer, the floor and holding her. While she was in there this morning and I was playing with Z, he pointed out to, “Look, mommy, V is holding on!”. She had a huge smile on her face when I turned to look at her, as if she was so proud to have grabbed something on her own.

This afternoon, just before M came home, I had my hands full. Literally, V was on me in a wrap and I had he Wii remote in my right hand, trying to play Wii bowling. He was making me play all he different sports and telling me when to stop and continue. He would tell me to switch sports or do it again. It was hilarious. I was being controlled by my two-year old boy.



I love baby-wearing. It makes me proud to see other moms do it as well. When V was around 1 or 2 months, I used to wear her all the time – at home and outside. She was so good she would sleep through anything, even with me paying basketball with Z.

Nowadays all she wants to do is be part of everthing that is going on. I could clearly see that she is tired because her eyes get droopy but she fights closing her eyes. Sometimes I have to take the nursing cover and wear it to shield her vision. Within minutes she is asleep.


I remember a time when Z used to dislike getting his hands dirty. That was a long time ago, it seems. Now he will happily squish things in his hands until they ooze out from between his fingers. Here he is playing with shaving cream at Roywood. He was enjoying himself so much he wanted to spread the cream on his arms too.

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