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Playing Food

We’re just at IKEA. I think we want to move away from round plates – better aesthetics and storage.

We want to experiment and see if we could plate our foods to reduce wastage as well as make it more appealing for the kids. Perhaps underplating might entice them to finish what’s on their plate.

Tonight, I’m thinking of making Garlic Butter Prawns with Mashed Potatoes and balanced veggies on the side.

Come back and read the results later tonight. I will also post a photo to show the plated meal.


Z used to help me in the kitchen when he was younger. I guess it was easier with one since V would scream if she did see him on the stool. I’ve decided to let him used a real serrated knife to cut tomatoes. He was very careful, except when he wanted to do fruit ninja and ‘chop’ the tomatoes
Up instead. No injuries. He’s good.

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