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I made V a sitting nook with some pillows. She was so proud to be sitting up on her own and playing. I gave her some soft toys and soft books and she was happy as tack for 15 min. I feel like she’ll be sitting up without being propped with pillows soon. I can’t believe she is also turning 5 months soon.

Z loves my Blackberry Bold phone even more. He knows how to use YouTube to watch videos and now he’s discovered he can play bowling games as well (I actually downloaded it and showed it to him.). Here, he is playing and I put V beside him on the couch after her nap and she leaned on him as if to say, “hey, big brother. What u doing?”. I love it when he is gentle and accepting of her, especially when she grabs his hair by accident and makes him cry. Lol.

New Business

It’s that time of year again when our business slows down. Every year, it seems that we are faced with a new challenge. Jewelry for us was very slow and we found that we had to drop our price points down a lot. Sock Monkeys needed a push so M started an Operation Sock Monkey Drive and it was a success.

We participated in so many shows this year but about half of them were flops because of poor advertising or wrong neighborhood. One show cost us $150 and we sold less than $50. And another one we sold $6! So we have decided to rethink our crafts.

At every show we notice that food items always sell – regardless of whether other items sell or not. Cupcakes are always popular. So this Valentine’s Day, we are going to be selling sweets.

We are currently working on some ideas for our label and packaging. Most packaged baked good kits make at least a dozen more for quantity. Sometimes you just want to bake a few so you don’t have to eat it all yourself. So we were thinking a mini batch kit.

So far, I have one idea for labels. Here it is. Let us know what you think.


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