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Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

Today, we celebrated Mothers Day at our house. Everyone came, except for Lori, who is in SF, even my mom. Yes, my mom came out to join us. My sister bought a lemon Mousse cake for dessert. It was yummy.
Anyway, after dinner, Z was patiently waiting in his booster seat for the cake. I was upstairs with V trying to put her down and had to switch with M when I heard Z crying. I came down to see him on Ms shoulder, very upset and sobbing hard. I took him to the bathroom to find out what happened.
Apparently, he was reaching to touch the cake and one of his favourite uncles came and turned his chair around to face him to the wall. Then us aunts and uncles all laughed about it because they thought it was funny. Well, Z didn’t think it was funny.
I explained to Z that Ly didn’t mean to upset him and that he should go and make amends with him with a kiss and hug. So we did. Perhaps Ly is still feeling bad about it but my mom told me that R wasn’t too thrilled that he did it. Z is a very sensitive child who doesn’t like being embarrassed in front of others.

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