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Eversince I’ve gone back to work, things have been so much more hectic. The time between arriving home and getting dinner on the table is filled with a number if things to do – nursing V, spending time with the kids, and planning dinner. In the course of rushing to get food on the table I burned my left hand. I forgot that the pan was in the oven on broil at 500 degrees F.

It was painful and the only way it felt good was for it to be on ice. I couldn’t do a whole lot with that hand. So after dinner I asked Z to give me a hand. Little things like bringing stuff to the kitchen counter and picking up things on the floor. I also asked if he’d like to help wipe down the table. And he did.

I felt better that I was able to get him to be more
Productive and stay away from trouble because he had already gotten 2 timeouts for pushing his sister. I’m sure he is exhausted from the day.

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