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We recently borrowed the Wii resty game from a friend and it is so much fun! And our toddler can attest to that. His favorite is the basketball and the sword play. I’ve never watched any three-year old play but Z is very good at it. And V just wants to join in the fun as well, waving her wiimote just like her older brother.


This was a rough day for Z. He was feverish all day and had a rough night, too. So when he asked to play Wii, I happy obliged, since he had been low in energy all morning. Z had a long nap – almost 2.5 hrs after M reset him 2x. He also ate more than a bite – more than breakfast and lunch combined.

This is V, cheering Z on as he played Wii Boxing. She was happily clapping her hands and watching him play. She totally adores him.

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