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Violet at 10 months

V has been surprising us a lot lately, ever since coming back from our trip. While feeding her risotto, she shakes her head to indicate “no” and points to the bottle of water. She also did the same thing with my car keys at Leslie Cafe.

Her walking/cruising skills are getting better. She definitely is wanting to move around like her big brother. She can pull up on most things – including walls, and when she does, she has this proud look on her face. Occasionally, she lets go of her support and stands on her own for a few seconds, up to 15 seconds sometimes.

Food wise, she loves to gnaw on ahold fruits – maybe she likes the feel for her teething gums. She will see a whole peach or apple and will scream if she doesn’t get it. And when she does, she happily chews on it, juices dripping everywhere.

Today, after we picked Z up from camp, V was playing with the iPod touch. Z saw it and asked for it and V reached out from her car seat and gave Z the device. M and I were so impressed.

Our little girl is growing so fast. I can’t wait till she starts talking.

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