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After dinner, the kids were playing on their own while I tidied up the table. (we had seafood Hotpot so there was an infinite number of things I had to move.). 6:00pm came and it’s Z’s favorite time since The octonauts comes on at that time. Of course, V watches it, too, because her brother watches it.

Z was sitting in his Diego plush chair and when V saw that, she, too, wanted to sit in a chair. So she walked over to the other playroom, in the dark, to get a wooden chair. I had to go to the basement to get her sesame street plush chair for her. She was happy.

Then I made one bowl of yogurt for them to share. That didn’t work as Z took the bowl and had it for himself. So I had to make another bowl, and together, but in their own chairs, they fed themselves plain yogurt. Yum. And watched the octonauts.

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