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V and M came to pick Z and I up from my school. We ended up staying a bit longer and both kids were on the computer. V was watching Sesame Street videos and Z, playing soccer games. V loves to pretend to type on the keyboard but she was happy with the mouse.

Z looked so cute in his outfit today. I love the basketball uniform and cap.


As a parent, I’m sure that we have all done the unthinkable – put our kids in front of the tv to get things done. Well, for us, it’s usually the iTouch. It sounds terrible but it’s really not.

I think if there is something that is abundant in our house other than food, it is technology. Altogether, we have 2 iTouches, an iPad, 3 laptops, 2 tvs, a Wii, and an XBox. It’s no wonder that our 2 year old is so proficient with the use of technology. He is such an avid Apple user that he has learned his alphabets from the iPad apps we have. Recently, he is using he Wii to Play bowling and golf.

All day has not been himself. He has been pouty, demanding, impatient and moody. We suspect that he is not feeling well. At breakfast, he wanted the iTouch but we didn’t let him have it because we didn’t want it be a regular thing. So he pouted and his nose started turning red because he was about to cry.

Being a mild day, I offered to take him out to the deck to play with the snow. We had fun throwing snow around and piling it up in the middle. I gave him cups and containers to play with as well. He even rolled around on the snow.

While we were outside playing, V sat in her chair inside watching us. I would occasionally look at her and dance around and it made her smile. She has been so easy to make laugh it’s so much fun to play with her.

At the end of the day, this is what Z looks like – exhausted. Poor boy. Hope he sleeps well tonight. He has been waking up before 6am lately.



This is my little family chilling together. While I get dinner ready in the kitchen, the boys play Wii Sports and V chills on the floor beside daddy. Z is so good with technology that he is currently beating M at Tennis. I can’t believe it!


Most babies hate tummy time, but I think V doesn’t mind it at all. In fact I think she enjoys it. She never complains and can stay in that position for at least 3-4 min. That’s a lot of time for a 3 month old.

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