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Summer, here we come!

Yesterday was officially the first day of summer vacation for all of us.  I saw my family for dinner of burgers and salad. It was delicious.  

Today, we times everything so our plans worked out with Ws nap schedule beautifully. 

First, we took the kids to the Brookbanks Park on their bikes while W napped in the stroller. By the time we headed back, it was close to 10:30.  

So off to The Evergreen Brickworks we went. We met my brother and his daughter there, had Jamie Kennedy’s famous French fries and walked around exploring the ecosystem.  The kids played a little in the Children’s Garden, watering some plants and painting rocks. Michael napped Willow in the Tula. 

Our last activity of the day is swimming at the YMCA and all of us went in the pool. It was so quiet due to the fact that it’s a long weekend. I think the swimming tuckered W out.   She’s been sleeping since 3:47pm.  The kids are playing in the mat room while we wait for W to wake. 

We’re going to go for dinner after at Tasty Delight on Leslie. It’s our favourite go-to inexpensive place for food. Then it’s home time for bed. 

Overall it has been a great day. Now, this is how you do a staycation!

Swimming Success

At Omi’s bday pool party, Z swam on his own at the end of the pool time. After playing around with his puddle jumper and jumping into the pool, he told us he was done. So I offered to help him remove it and asked if he’d like to swim without it. At first he was scared but took to the idea enthusiastically.

M, being a former lifeguard and swim instructor, did an excellent job of cheering him on and boosting his self confidence. He got more and more excited each time he swam a distance on his own. I couldn’t believe it. He was holding his breath and kicking his legs, and using his arms, too.

I know it’s a combination of things – his love of water, his comfort level in the water, the swimming lessons at camp, and of course, M. We’re so proud of him.

And wouldn’t you know it, he also had a great appetite for dinner. All that workout in the pool!

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