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Summer, here we come!

Yesterday was officially the first day of summer vacation for all of us.  I saw my family for dinner of burgers and salad. It was delicious.  

Today, we times everything so our plans worked out with Ws nap schedule beautifully. 

First, we took the kids to the Brookbanks Park on their bikes while W napped in the stroller. By the time we headed back, it was close to 10:30.  

So off to The Evergreen Brickworks we went. We met my brother and his daughter there, had Jamie Kennedy’s famous French fries and walked around exploring the ecosystem.  The kids played a little in the Children’s Garden, watering some plants and painting rocks. Michael napped Willow in the Tula. 

Our last activity of the day is swimming at the YMCA and all of us went in the pool. It was so quiet due to the fact that it’s a long weekend. I think the swimming tuckered W out.   She’s been sleeping since 3:47pm.  The kids are playing in the mat room while we wait for W to wake. 

We’re going to go for dinner after at Tasty Delight on Leslie. It’s our favourite go-to inexpensive place for food. Then it’s home time for bed. 

Overall it has been a great day. Now, this is how you do a staycation!


Family Summer

I’m so thrilled that summer is here.  This year we’ve decided not to enroll the older kids in camp because we want to enjoy spending time with them. Instead we will travel and have stay cations. 

Already we’ve taken out our little plastic pool, water guns and the summer toys. Our deck is also ready anytime we need to use it. 

Everyone’s got a ride on toy – even Willy. There are bikes and scooters for all. 

Today’s forecast has been humid from the start. Due to the rain, we’ve experienced 100% hunidity since the morning. The high temperature will reach 31 degrees. 

So we are keeping cool staying indoors. I had just put together the dutalier chair from a friend and am  sitting on it with Willy napping in my arms while V and I watch a tinker bell movie. 

Last Few Days

I must admit, I’ve been dreading going
back to work ever since I realized that there are only 2 weeks left in the summer. Sigh.

So, after dinner the other night, we drove down to Hollywood Gelato for some yummy cold treats. V wanted the ‘pink’ one and ended up eating only the pink one. Z, on the other hand, ended up loving the lemon and asked for more when it was all gone.




Next week, we’re planning for an ice cream sandwich date with some friends.

Summer Vacation

Today was a busy day for us. We were out for breakfast at Cora’s and headed to the Scarborough Family Golf Centre for some mini-golf.

It was hot but Z had so much fun. V wasn’t really all into it that much. We headed home for lunch and had the kids in bed by 1:10pm. It was a short nap for both of them but we got to have more fun in the afternoon.

The Toronto Zoo splash pad is awesome. M and I and the kids all got into our bathing suits and had some fun. It was a little cooler than we would have liked but the kids were happy to be playing. 45 min of playtime and we went on the zoo mobile, which was nice.

By the time the tour was done, it was just starting to drizzle. So we headed back home. We made it just in time and did not get caught outside in the rain.

This Sat us our trip to Cayo Coco, Cuba. I’m excited and can’t wait. We still need to pack. So we are sending the kids to daycare on Wed and Thur so we can get some stuff done around the house – including packing.

Summer in a Shell

Oysters are a favorite with M and I. I remember going to our friends’ Arthur and Meaghan’s wedding 3 years go and eating oysters from an oyster bar. All we could think of was, “People don’t know hat they’re missing. More for us then.”.

Today, we went to Diana’s Seafood and bought 60 French Kiss oysters and gorged on them. The juices were salty but the oyster meat was sweet. We tried them with lemon juice and they were good. But what made them even better was Sriracha hot sauce. Oh, it was yummy!



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