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Sunny Breakfast

My morning started with Willow walking at 5:55 am. She was up for almost an hour and a half from 1:20. So I’m a little tired from a rough night.  She wouldn’t settle even after feeding her.  

Now she’s asleep on me in the Moby and I’m hoping she’ll sleep for a couple of hours.  I’ve sent the kids and Michael grocery shopping so I can get some quiet time to nap her. 

Every so often, I can hear her sniffling as she sleeps. She’s still congested but is sleeping much better during the first part of the night. She also has been devouring her cereal when I feed her.  Her preference is plain. 

At 6:50 am I hear Zander and Violet’s door open and footsteps into the bathroom.  They’re up.  In my mind I think, I might as well be.  And then the memory of Aroma’s quinoa breakfast salad popped came back.  

I take Willow down and feed her oatmeal cereal while I bake the bacon in the oven. I also assemble ingredients I have lying around in the fridge. Here’s what I came up with. 

Of course, you can’t forget the soft boiled egg of the dressing. The egg is a 6-minute egg.  As for the dressing, it’s my version of the delicious but pricey Wafu dressing. If anyone knows me, I like to think, “hey, I can make that!”.

So I looked up the ingredients for the dressing and just played around to get the right taste.  I never measure so it’s hard to say how much. I know, it’s one my flaws.  Oh well. 

So, here are the ingredients in my version of Wafu. It’s essentially a sesame seed paste dressing. So you can guess, tahini is the main ingredient. 

Ingredients: tahini, rice vinegar, sugar, salt, mayonnaise

The mayonnaise is what makes the dressing smooth and creamy. I’ve made a big bottle and now it’s almost done.  It’s so delicious and it goes well with a lot of food. 

The beets were sous vide with my Anova precision cooker I got for Mother’s Day. They cooked for about 2-3 hrs and came out tender and sweet. 

What’s your favourite homemade salad dressing?

Happy cooking. 


Beet It!

Last night with Willow started out well. She slept with little fuss for 4 hrs before waking to feed.  It’s after that was bad. She was so congested from teething I had to hold her and sleep in the armchair in her room.  Many times I felt my head nodding off and my neck hurt. 

I had to ask Michael to change her and bring her to the bed to feed her since I could not wake.  I took a shower shortly after, which made me feel better, made kids breakfast and ate some too.  I feel better and now I’m napping Willow in the wrap. 

I have to secretly admit that I like this time when she’s napping because I get to watch Breakfast Television, Cityline and The Marilyn Dennis Show, all of which I love. So many tips and useful information.  Love it. 

I also managed to curl my hair using the hair band curling method.  Not pretty to look at while it’s setting but hopefully will look better after. 

I managed to sous vide some beets.  Peel. Slice.  Vacuum seal.  3 hrs at 183 F.  Looks great.  The setup and technique cannot be any simpler. There are so many ways to serve up these beets.  I’m going to explore some recipes and post how I used these lovely beets. 

Back Again

I’m back after a long leave – two kids, going back to work and a few years later.  

I’m on my 3rd maternity leave. Most likely the last one.  I’m running out of energy and gaining more weight than I’d like to.  Other than that, not much has changed. I still like food – cooking and eating, crafting and just making things.  

My baby is now 5’months old and she’s such a doll. I could kiss that face all day long. I think I do. Willow loves to sleep in the wrap. When she was younger I used to be able to make all kinds of noises, pots banging, water running and food sizzling in a hot pan, and she would sleep through it all. Not anymore. 

For Mother’s Day I got a Precision cooker by Anova.  I used it for the first time today.  It was neat being able to control the timing and temperature from my smartphone.  I decided to sous vide the leftover taro root from hotpot over the weekend. I had a sudden craving for taro, tapioca pearls and bananas cooked in coconut milk. 

Instead of cooking the taro in the coconut milk and having it turn to mush, I pre-cooked them in the precision cooker and then simmered them in the coconut milk after. The results were heavenly. Michael loved the dessert.  So rich, coconutty and full of tapioca.  

I also bought a bag of beets and will be cooking them sous vide tomorrow. Yum. 

Have you ever had anything sous vide?  Or maybe you cook using this method. Share your experience with this cooking technique and tell me what you think. 

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