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Some Nights by NO FUN

Seriously, I love the album Some Nights by FUN. But some nights, for us, unfortunate, are NO FUN.

Firstly, I’ve been noticing that at bedtimes, Z likes to stretch out the time it takes for us to leave his room. On the way out, just as I have one leg ready to hop over the gate (yes, we put a gate in front of his room to prevent him from coming to our room too early and force him to stay in bed till 7am. He has fallen back asleep a couple of times.). “ma…ma, ..”. And it’s usually nothing important.

Tonight, at 15 minutes to 8, he announced that he needed to poo. So we grab the Diego potty seat from downstairs and plop him on. V is asleep already at this time. I go to the basement to deal with laundry. Then I hear M yell for me. V is up. So I go to Z a d he goes to her. Turns out, no poo at all.

By the time he fell asleep it is well after 8:00. Too late (in my books at least). I emerge from his room to still hear V fighting and screaming for me. So I go in her room, scoop her up and bring her to our bed. I nurse her. She fusses but falls asleep eventuAlly.

(I’m thinking of those oysters we bought from Diana’s Seafood. I want to have some but I’m so tired and I can’t leave her because she will wake up again. My contacts are still on but I will just close my eyes because they are so tired. Tired from being up from 10-12 last night and then at 5 am.)

Then all of a sudden I wake up from his screams. V had just resettled from waking, wanting to crawl around in our bed. I quietly got up and looked at the time – 10:40pm. Still early
And he’s up already? I look over and M Is already in his room with him. I go in and take over since all he wanted was me after all.

I pick him up. (i hear V cry and scream as M picks he up and tries to put her back to sleep. Silence. I feel better. Back to Z.). His face is drenched with tears and he is very upset. I sit on the couch with him and ask him to use his words to tell me why he is crying. No luck. I just hold him and he finally calms down.

I stand and sing to him. Then gently put him back in the crib and sing him another song. He falls asleep even before I get to the middle of the song. I walk out and go brush my teeth and remove my contacts. I’m exhausted.

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