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Sleep Success

Ok, this weekend will officially be Violet’s 2nd week since sleep training started. Knock on wood, so far, she’s doing well. This whole week, she slept straight till the morning (about 5:45-6:00am) for 3 days. I’m so thrilled.

Poor girl is congested though. I think it’s this damn teeth that are making her snotty. It can’t be that she’s sick again – or maybe she is. She so stuffed up she doesn’t want to eat sometimes. And when she nurses, especially this morning after I picked her up, all I could hear was her mucus moving back and forth.

Still, at almost 20 months, she only has 10 teeth. When she’s feeling well she has a great appetite. I’m only hoping that spring will bring in more teeth – like the plants and flowers. Lol

Z, on the other hand, wakes up every so often, crying, for different reasons. Last night it was because he got all sweaty. The other night, his knee was hurting. And another, he wanted socks. We never know when he will wake up at night. Hopefully he will sleep through since he was exhausted to the point of crankiness tonight.


RIT – 3rd Night

I felt very proud of my little ones and ourselves when I checked in on Z and V on the video monitor, sleeping soundly in THE SAME ROOM! I still can’t believe it’s happening because I didn’t expect this to work so well.

So the routine we’ve created, where V goes with M in the room first and I send Z in after I brush his teeth and give him goodnight kisses and hugs. It’s such a nice feeling to know that they will be there for each other. We are truly blessed.

After M laid V in her crib, she had some trouble getting comfortable. I watched as she sat up, reached for her water sippy, took a drink, and grabbed a pacifier to put in her mouth (this is a new thing from the weekend – it probably makes her gums feel better). She tried to lie down but couldn’t get comfy so she reached for her white teddy to hug.

After about 8 minutes of fussing about, M went up to help her. It turns out all she wanted to do was hug both the white teddy and Cookie Monster and go to sleep. (Our guess was she sees Z with 2 Peso Penguins when he goes to sleep and she wants the same, too.) Then she was happy to go to sleep.

Around 9pm, she sat up and cried for a minute. Then she grabbed her teddy and laid back down and went to sleep. Half an hour after that, she cried out again for a second. But she has been sleeping soundly otherwise, since her bedtime.

Ahhh…the sigh of relief, knowing that every night just gets better and better.

2nd Night

For tonight, I let V nurse after turning the lights off and she got drowsy within 10 minutes. So I put her in the crib and she cried for about 3 minutes and laid down. She didn’t fall asleep immediately but got up and cried again for a few more minutes before finally falling asleep.

It was definitely much easier with less crying. Also she has woken up only once so far and she only cried for about 5 minutes before going back to sleep. On the down side, my left breast is hurting from being engorged. But I’m happy we have our bed back and I don’t have to sleep on my left side mostly all night. P

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