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Sleep Training #2

For bedtime tonight I sleep trained V. I nursed her in the light after her bath until she got drowsy and then put her down. I let her cry while I stayed in her room for about 10 minutes and then I picked her up and calmed her down. When she was calm I put her back in the crib and she cried for 5 more minutes and fell asleep.
That lasted till 9:45 pm. I sent M in to pick her up and calm her and give her some water. She refused the water and didnt calm down. So I went in. I nursed her and she did so happily, with her eyes closed.
I tried putting her back in the crib but that resulted in more crying and screaming. So I picker her up again because she wasn’t calming down and she gagged because she was screaming so hard. Now she’s in my arms, moaning and almost crying (with her eyes closed) about the fact that I may leave her again. Poor V. Maybe not ready yet?

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