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Today is one of those days I take when I need to take care of medical issues and Z. It’s Shavuot at Hillcrest today and do we spent all day together.

We started at Alltimate Indoor Playground and went to South Street Burger at Shops on Don Mills to have lunch. After we had ice cream and Z got so silly with the chocolate ice cream.

We rushed home for his nap so I could make it to my ultrasound and blood test. Then we are off to pick up Z and M.


Both kids were home today – Z had a PD day. They were so excited when they saw me through the front door as I unlocked it. I could hear screams of joy.

While I prepared dinner, M played hockey with both kds. Z is so good at using the hockey stick.


I love it when kids make Ginny faces -especially my own. V was making a lot of noises and leaning back when I took this photo.

I wonder what the figures are saying to each other?

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